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Dr. Drei Brings the Smack

Jeff Flake’s quick response to last night’s speech: I feel like I’ve just had a trip to the principal’s office… State Democratic Chair Andrei Cherny’s response to Flake: Maybe Congress should stop acting like children. Cherny had an op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post calling on Barack Obama to learn a few more lessons from Franklin […]

What Is Up With Our Senate Delegation?

Jon Kyl has gotten what can be called “unwated attention” for his recent dismissive comments about women’s health care. Now, some have been scrutinizing his full record on women’s issues and he’s, well, a bit lacking. Now comes news that John McCain is campaigning for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. Yeah, McCain campainging for Republicans […]

The Same Service Would Be Available to Any Citizen That Asks, I’m Sure

Something that has bugged me for a while in the media’s characterization of John McCain’s home in the northern section of our great state. First off, they call it a “ranch.” What does he raise there? To the folks in the Boswash corridor, it seems any rural home is either a “ranch” or a “cabin.” […]

Initial Thoughts on the McCain Suspension

Okay, big news that you have already heard, I’m sure: John McCain says he is suspending his campaign to deal with the financial crisis. Already, folks are wondering if this has more to do with the meltdown in his polling numbers than with the meltdown in the credit market. Even as an Barack Obama partisan […]