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Dorothy Parvaz

Near the end of the President’s remarks at the White House Correspondents dinner the other night, he remarked on how much danger many journalists put themselves in every day just to get the truth out. The camera panned to members of the audience that nodded in appreciation. The cynic in me wanted to slap a […]

The Realm of Possibility

I read this morning that the Icecats, officially a student “club team,” has been taken over by the U of A’s Campus Recreation Department and long time owner/coach Leo Golembiewski has been pushed aside. So, when does the legislature get involved in this? I’m sure that Andy Biggs will soon have some bill to make […]

More Voices Against HB 2067

I was going to call some of my erstwhile legislative sources this morning, but they finally had sine die at around 5:30 AM. If any of them had bothered to answer their phones, any reports I would have had would have been a combination of hostility and incoherence. Come to think of it, that’s probably […]

A Couple of Other Notes From Up North

Just two things, ’cause I feel like eating a pear. – La Cervecera’s plans regarding making state employees “uncovered” by civil service protection appears to be dead right now. I’d like to think it was because legislators thought the plan was unworkable, unfair and smacked of the worst Gilded Age machine politics, but it was […]

DuVal Steps Aside

One bit of news emerged from today’s Democratic Party meeting: National Committeeman Fred DuVal announced he is resigning his membership in the DNC. DuVal was recently elected President of the Board of Regents. The two roles would have been hard enough to juggle in any event, but it’s been made harder now that members of […]


I’m only posting to see if Bruce Ash posts his diatribe about Robert Shelton again.

Oh, And You Missed Something Else

One of my ongoing frustrations with the way we talk about the current legislature is the rather lazy phrase “Wild West Legislature.” As if the fact that some of them seem to have an obsession with firearms means that they are just like the legislators in territorial days. Actual history, is of course, more complicated. […]

What Was Weak Last Week

Once again…things I missed writing about, after the jump.


I recieved a note from Ken Chapa, son of Art, about the illness that took the life of his father and a fund that the family has started in Art’s name: H.Pylori (Helicobacter pylori) is a stealth virus that lives in the stomach lining of nearly 60% of the world’s population. If left untreated, over […]

Art Chapa

I was very surprised yesterday to find out that attorney and former Regent Art Chapa was seriously ill. This afternoon the news came down that he passed away. He left us way too young. Chapa was a graduate of Salpointe Catholic High School and the University of Arizona. He did a stint in the Army, […]