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The Shape of Things to Cam

My friend Cam Juárez is running for TUSD Governing Board. I guess I could go into a rant about what’s wrong with TUSD these days (and you can find something more substantive about Cam’s platform at his website), but I just want to tell you two stories about Cam. Cam has a disability. He was […]

The Meeting Last Night

First, I want to apologize for the truncated live blog last night. The battery ran out on my phone. Secondly, I’m angry with the atmosphere at the meeting last night. Depending on what source you read, there were between 350 and 450 members of the public last night. That’s protesters, counter-protesters, audience members, press and […]

Breaking: No Vote on Ethnic Studies Tonight

When you were all at lunch, John Pedicone released a statement asking that the TUSD board postpone consideration of changes to the ethnic studies program. The statement is after the jump. In the mean time, the resolution to make ethnic studies from a full cirriculum into an elective has been made a study item.

What Was Weak Last Week

Usually, I provide a summary of bits that, for one reason or another, I didn’t write about over the previous week. Instead of that, I’ll just focus on one: morning talk radio “personality” Jon Justice apparently doesn’t know how local government actually works. It would be excusable if this he was having trouble naming the […]