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But, What Does That Leave for Us Snide Bloggers?

I ran into Dave Joseph last week, he’s one of the Democratic nominees for State House up in District 11. He handed me his palm card, and it bore the slogan “Let’s create jobs, not headlines!” Hmm. His current legislators include Al Melvin and Terri Proud, and one of the guys he’s running against is […]

…and the Book of Judges Promotes Ethnic Hatred of Canaanites

La Cervecera signed Terri Proud’s “Bible study” bill today, which just goes to show that students in Arizona are allowed to study their culture as long as they are Protestants.

Terri Proud Thinks e-Mails Should Be Private, Most of the Time

I’d like to point out this unhinged e-mail exchange between Terri Proud and a local citizen who was concerned about Proud’s uninformed reasoning regarding Pima County’s bonds. It isn’t the first time that Proud’s e-mails have gotten her into trouble. As Dave Fitzsimmons points out in the article, Proud has complained in the past when […]

Because You Demanded It…

…today in Daniel Patterson news. Talk is that Chad Campbell will once again try to get Patterson expelled, possibly by having Terri Proud or Jack Harper introduce the motion. I understand Campbell’s frustration here, but I fail to see what these continued motions are going to do. The Republicans have already agreed to expedite the […]

Yep, It’s About Shaming Folks

Terri Proud’s e-mail to a constituent on an abortion law she’s pushing shouldn’t be too surprising. This is not, and never was, about making sure women are informed. It’s about shaming people who don’t share Proud’s moral viewpoint. Hey, Proud is pro-life. Good for her. Well, why not write a law banning abortion in Arizona? […]

Bond Committee Meeting Fun

I’m headed off to a meeting of the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee today. My understanding is that Terri Proud and some other sponsors of a bill to cripple the county’s ability to sell bonds will be there. The bill would give Sahuarita, Oro Valley and Marana the ability to effectively veto projects. Ostensibly, this […]

Not So Quiet Anymore

A month ago, it looked like the District 9 races would be snoozers. Rep. Steve Farley was set to run against former Rep. Dave Bradley for state senate might provide a hint of excitement, but the house race only consisted of two declared candidates for two seats: 2010 candidate Mohur Sidhwa and former KOLD reporter […]

What Was Weak Last Week

Only one entry today in my weekly re-hash, and this week’s no-prize goes to Sonoran Alliance. I talked to a journalist in town and he wondered why even waste time on the silliness with this photograph that the Sonorenses posted that purported to be Colleen Mathis and her husband. As reported here, the photo was […]

Sauce for the Goose Department

I’ve been wondering for a while when there would finally be some attention paid to Rick Stertz. There have been attacks on IRC chairman Colleen Mathis supposed connections to the Democratic Party that are, at best, tenuous. The press has been more than happy to buy into the partisan attacks on Mathis and the commission […]


The “grid maps” have been released by the Independent Redistricting Committee. You can check them out here. Unfortunately, they are without much detail when it comes to the urban areas. This deprives political junkies the joy of seeing who got drawn out of their districts. Both congressional “grids” have three districts along the border, which […]