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Elections Are Expensive. Let’s Just Not Have Them.

It was only a few weeks ago when City Councilman Kozachik announced that he was leaving the Republican Party to become a Democrat. Among the things that led to his split with the Republicans were the Legislature’s consistent attacks on local governance, in Tucson in particular. So, it may come as some surprise that, in […]

The Great and Powerful Koz

The conventional wisdom about political parties in local elections is that they are irrelevant. The saying goes something like “there is no Republican or Democratic way to pick up the garbage.” Emil Franzi, the one-time Republican Rasputin turned columnist best known to Old Pueblo political geezers as the man most responsible for Ed Moore’s takeover […]


I hope to have some video to post for y’all of Friday’s hearing put on to discuss the anti-labor bills before the legislature. In the meantime, here’s a quote from an AFSCME member that attended the hearing. He wanted to address the allegation that public employee unions are “bankrupting the state:” I’m making less money […]

Well, That’s Exciting

Here’s a bit of a follow-up to something I wrote last week. You may remember that I posted a press release from Richard Carmona’s campaign which announced that the entire Tucson City Council, including Republican Steve Kozachik, endorsed Carmona. It was my inclusion of Kozachik that raised hackles with one of my frequent commenters. The […]

(Nearly) Entire Tucson City Council Endorses Carmona

Richard Carmona’s campaign has announced that the entire Tucson City Council has endorsed him. And by that they mean six council members, even Republican Steve Kozachik. Here is Kozachik from the release: I know Dr. Carmona as a man of integrity, a high achiever, a man of compassion for the underserved and a man who […]

Los de Rio

You may remember that last week, Republican council member Steve Kozachik sent out a scathing criticism of the Rio Nuevo board. One of his more potent arguments revolved around the $935,400 that the committee has shelled out for “administration,” ie – law firms and consultants. Money blown on consultants and law firms? It sounds a […]

At Least Their Lawyers Are Benefitting

Local Democrats have made hay of the $47 million dollar lawsuit that the state-appointed Rio Nuevo board has against the city. The question they are asking is simple: what programs will Republican Mayoral candidate Rick Grinnell, who is on the board, cut to pay for a possible judgement? Good question, but here is mine: What […]

I Think We Have a Talking Point

There’s that bit in the Arlo Guthrie song “Alice’s Restaurant” when he declares that three people singing in unison is a movement. So, what about two similarly themed alarmist communiques from local Republican pooh bahs? A talking point, of course! Below is the latest missive screed from member of the local Republican szlachta, John Munger. […]

Letcher and Stuff

As of yesterday morning, the word out on the street was that Steve Kozachik would try to move to fire Mike Letcher, but it would fail because Karin Uhlich would have Letcher’s back. Further, this word on the street said that there might be a motion to remove Letcher with an effective date closer to […]

Breaking: Letcher Announces Resignation

City Manager Mike Letcher has announced he will be resigning August of next year. I’ve uploaded his resignation letter for your perusal, but here’s a money paragraph: Unfortunately, I cannot change the current political and media climate in this community that focus more on blame than resolution. I know now that I can only go […]