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Attention Pundits: This is What Real Bi-Partisanship Looks Like

From House Minority Leader Chad Campbell’s Facebook feed: “Describing mine and Gov. Brewer’s relationship these past couple of years as “frosty” is definitely one way to put it… That being said, I give her credit for taking on Medicaid expansion and some school safety issues in her State of the State speech today. I sincerely […]

Barber for the Full Term

At this hour, Ron Barber is announcing his bid for CD 2 congressional seat. This would mean he is no longer running just as a placeholder candidate for the unexpired term of Gabrielle Giffords. This ruins the day of Steve Farley, Paula Aboud, Matt Heinz and Nan Walden. Although, I heard speculation that Heinz would […]

“Surprise” Announcement

Something e-mail transom this afternoon from Sunnyside School Board Member Daniel Hernandez. Apparently, Steve Farley will be making a “special announcement” at the Tucson Botanical Gardens at 10:30 on Wednesday. No, I have no idea what this could be about.


I hope to have some video to post for y’all of Friday’s hearing put on to discuss the anti-labor bills before the legislature. In the meantime, here’s a quote from an AFSCME member that attended the hearing. He wanted to address the allegation that public employee unions are “bankrupting the state:” I’m making less money […]

Two and Eight

Okay…here’s where it stands now: Ron Barber is running for CD 8, but will likely announce over the next few days that he will not be running for CD 2. Paula Aboud will probably be announcing today that she will run for CD 2. A robocall went out to Democratic activists saying that she’d be […]

Not So Quiet Anymore

A month ago, it looked like the District 9 races would be snoozers. Rep. Steve Farley was set to run against former Rep. Dave Bradley for state senate might provide a hint of excitement, but the house race only consisted of two declared candidates for two seats: 2010 candidate Mohur Sidhwa and former KOLD reporter […]

But What Do Doctors Know About Hospitals?

One of the assertions made by supporters of HB 2067, the bill to remove authority over University Medical Center from the Arizona Board of Regents, is that somehow pointy headed academics will ruin medicine at the place. This doesn’t seem to be a concern of actual physicians. The part that Andy Biggs and company won’t […]

A Couple of Other Notes From Up North

Just two things, ’cause I feel like eating a pear. – La Cervecera’s plans regarding making state employees “uncovered” by civil service protection appears to be dead right now. I’d like to think it was because legislators thought the plan was unworkable, unfair and smacked of the worst Gilded Age machine politics, but it was […]

Because We Can Fund Things With Less Money

The governor’s corporate giveaway, oh, I’m sorry “job creation program” was COWed last night, and goes to third read today. Okay, for those of you that are not well versed: COW is “Committee of the Whole,” basically a meeting of the entire Senate or House, and third read is a final vote in the whole […]

A Bit Late

The Tucson Sentinel is reporting that Ruth McClung has finally conceded the CD 8 race to Raúl Grijalva. This comes weeks after it was obvious that the math had turned against her (which she’d understand, she’s a Rocket Scientist, in case you hadn’t heard) and long after she’d get anything resembling a decent press for […]