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At Least One Conservative to Pearce: Get Over It!

Sonoran Alliance published a “guest opinion” from Brent Ellsworth, an attorney and former constituent of Russell Pearce. I don’t fully know Ellsworth’s political leanings, but given that his piece was published in Sonoran Alliance, I have a vague idea that he is not a dues paying member of PDA or that he frequents Ozomatli concerts […]

What Was Weak Last Week

Only one entry today in my weekly re-hash, and this week’s no-prize goes to Sonoran Alliance. I talked to a journalist in town and he wondered why even waste time on the silliness with this photograph that the Sonorenses posted that purported to be Colleen Mathis and her husband. As reported here, the photo was […]

We Debunk, You Decide

Okay guys, you know how Sonoran Alliance claimed that they had “photographic evidence” of collusion between Colleen Mathis and Raúl Grijalva? It turns out the two people in the picture are Jeremy Markowitz and Trica Oshant Hawkins, who work for the Environmental Education Exchange, a non-profit that has an office in the building. I guess […]

So, What Next?

La Cervecera and her allies are in high dudgeon about the decision to reinstate Colleen Mathis. They are claiming that they are planning for their next step. Since the state’s highest court has ruled, what more can they do? I suppose that Brewer can pull a George Wallace and block the doorway so commissioners can’t […]

Makes Sense Now…Not Her Arguments, Of Course…

I couldn’t figure out why I had a longer than usual reply to one of my posts by Wendy Rogers. Rogers, you may remember, ran an usuccessful campaign against David Schapira last year. Her reply referenced a East Valley Tribune op-ed that I hadn’t even read, much less mentioned. In fact, her whole comment seemed […]

From The Annals of Hubris

This is one of the odder campaign missives I’ve seen. Here’s Tyler Vogt in an “open letter” to Shirley Scott that got published over at Sonoran Alliance: Dear Mrs. Scott: I am writing to inform you that I have officially submitted my paperwork to run for City Council, Ward 4 in the 2011 Tucson City […]

More Stupidity in Defense of Scott Bundgaard

Another defense of Scott Bundgaard appeared for a short time on Saturday over at Sonoran Alliance. To the credit of Sonoran Alliance editor Shane Wikfors, the post was taken down. Still, the anonymous post reveals a lot about the mindset and tactics of Bundgaard’s defenders. Kenny Jacobs got a screen capture of the post and […]

And the Offensive Defenses Continue

Scott Bundgaard wants his privacy so bad that he keeps going on the radio and trashing his ex-girlfriend. That whole “right to remain silent” ain’t only a right, it’s also a recomendation. It would be easier for the public to give the man the benefit of the doubt if we had time to do so […]

And on to Those Other Murders…

Jurors in the trial of Shawna Forde have been given some time off and will return to hear testimony on Tuesday. Forde is the border vigilante and activist who has been accused of leading a 2009 violent home invasion of a residence in Arivaca, and killing Raúl Flores and his nine-year old daughter Brisenia. She’d […]

Giffords’s Lead Widens

Here are the latest numbers in the CD 8 race: Gabrielle Giffords (DEM) – 127,077 Jesse Kelly (REP) – 124,022 Steven Stoltz (LBT) – 10,128 I’m still awaiting the hopeful-crossing-the-line-to-delusional missive from Jesse Kelly claiming this is “narrowing the gap.” Cue Sonoran Alliance and Publius Pundit claiming this lead is the result of an ACORN/Soros-inspired […]