What’s a Little Assault Between “Friends of the Family”?

I missed this when it was released, but a friend posted it on Facebook. Check out this list of “Friends of the Family” put out by the Arizona Family Project, a group that purports to advance and advocate “pro-family” policies.

You notice who made the list? Scott Bundgaard.

Judging from the list, all you need to get on it is an “R” after your name to be a “Friend of the Family.” Cuffing around your girlfriend on a freeway in front of several witnesses doesn’t prevent you from earning “pro-family” plaudits. I guess domestic violence doesn’t rank high as a “family” issue for these folks.

For those wondering, Bundgaard’s pretrial hearing on charges stemming from the incident is scheduled for the 15th after a delay was requested last month.

Before You Get Out the Party Favors

I’ve been reading a lot of things here on the left side of Blogistan celebrating last week’s defeat of this year’s raft of anti-immigrant legislation.

I’m not celebrating just yet. A quick perusal of the votes against these bills shows that Republican leadership set up for a vote to reconsider when they saw the vote wasn’t going their way. Anyone out there really think Scott Bundgaard suddenly had pro-immigrant pangs when he voted no on one of these bills?

There were ways for the Dems to block reconsideration, but this didn’t happen and I won’t speculate as to why.

I imagine that “no” voters are already getting flooded with e-mails from Russell Pearce’s list, along with not so veiled threats about primary challenges. Let’s save the celebrating until after these bills are truly dead and buried.

…But the Story Still Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

For those of you wondering why Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard missed so many floor votes yesterday, it’s because he was taking a polygraph test.

According to his attorney, he “aced” it.

Of course, he “aced” a test so unreliable that private employers are banned from using it in most workplace investigations.

Still unresolved is the question of why it wasn’t until days after the incident that the gun was mentioned. It would be easier to buy the story that he was trying to protect Aubry Ballard’s reputation if he and his hirelings weren’t at the same time making her out to be a drunken slutty lunatic.

By the way, good to see the Republicans kept this guy on as Majority Leader. Taking time out for stuff like this doesn’t affect his job or anything.

Press release from Bundgaard’s attorney after the jump. He’s now counting on a lawyer rather than a PR flack. Yes, he finally wised up and realized that Jason Rose is no Rumpole of the Bailey.

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Where’s Glenn Beck’s Chalk Board When We Need It?

Now, Scott Bundgaard is claiming that Aubry Ballard pulled a gun on him. Okay, but you’d think that a fact like this would have made the police report, especially given that one of the witnesses was an off duty officer.


The Phoenix Police Department is obviously part of the Grand Liberal Conspiracy that has for too long run this state. They have conspired with the ultra-leftist Arizona Republic to smear the one man that they knew could bring them down. This entire episode has been engineered by the ACLU, SEIU and their legislative allies like Ron Gould to protect their nefarious schemes from scrutiny.

Please, end the horror.

And By the Way, It’s International Women’s Day…

Note to conservative activists: when celebrating the apparent victory of Scott Bundgaard, Charlie Sheen references are a really bad idea.

In other news, ethics committee chairman Ron Gould (who I give a lot of stick to, but has been right on this one) hinted to the Capitol Times that he might be removed before he can convene a hearing on Bundgaard. Republican Królewięta Jason Rose and Constantine Querard are already floating the notion that Gould can’t be a “prosecutor” and a “judge.” Forgetting, of course, that this process is not judicial.

More Stupidity in Defense of Scott Bundgaard

Another defense of Scott Bundgaard appeared for a short time on Saturday over at Sonoran Alliance. To the credit of Sonoran Alliance editor Shane Wikfors, the post was taken down.

Still, the anonymous post reveals a lot about the mindset and tactics of Bundgaard’s defenders. Kenny Jacobs got a screen capture of the post and it’s up over at his site. In it, we find out that the allegations against Bundgaard are part of a lefty plot. The headline even says so: “Republic’s Leftist spin in Bundgaard-Ballard incident obvious.”

Oh boy.

They put a picture up of Aubry Ballard during her swimsuit modeling days. We are supposed to oggle her and be and offended by the lack of modesty all at once, I guess. They also once again try to imply that she was drunk. The alleged victim was a swimsuit model and drunk: this is a legal defense for assault?

How long before we hear that she was born in Kenya, or has ties to George Soros?

By the way, if being a beauty queen who has been photographed in swimsuits calls your character and veracity into question, what does this say about conservative heroines Carrie Prejean, Gretchen Carlson, or Anita Bryant?

These guys seem to get worse by each passing day. This keeps up, I’m going to need to apologize to every woman I know on behalf of my entire gender.

NB: I took a shot at Wikfors on Kenny Jacob’s Facebook page. It was not a bad one, but I based it on thinking he was responsible for the post. Now that I know he isn’t, I’d like to apologize for the shot at him. He’s obviously classier than at least one of his contributors.

And the Offensive Defenses Continue

Scott Bundgaard wants his privacy so bad that he keeps going on the radio and trashing his ex-girlfriend. That whole “right to remain silent” ain’t only a right, it’s also a recomendation. It would be easier for the public to give the man the benefit of the doubt if we had time to do so between his increasingly lame and loathsome excuses.

Of course, his own defenses are not nearly as bad as what some of his supporters are saying. Check this one from his friends at Sonoran Alliance:

Another interesting note about this story is that Ms. Ballard participated in a competition called Miss Arizona Dream Girl sometime ago. On an ESPN website written by Gregg Easterbrook, a photo of what appears to be Ballard posing as Miss Arizona Dream Girl contains the following description, “Brad Twarowski of Spring Grove, Ill., notes that the Miss Arizona Dream Girl competition spreads the wealth by choosing someone every month; gawk at Miss Arizona Dream Girl of January, Aubry Ballard, here.” As of today, that photo of Miss Ballard wearing a bikini and sporting a power drill has been removed; However, a cached file of the page was captured on December 25, 2010 and is still available. (Apparently, ESPN updated the page yesterday.)

They do note that she’s done some admirable work for a group called Project Streetlight, but the somewhat titilating (and irrelevant) detail that she was photographed in a bikini (and here’s where you can find it, not that we ever would look, right?) is given much more space in their piece. It seems their message is: “Hey, his girlfriend posed in a bikini once or twice…you KNOW what kind of girl she is.”

Pretty frickin’ low, guys.

By the way, Bundgaard is still being talked about as a congressional candidate. As long as he votes for the right tax breaks, who the heck cares?