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History Lesson For Today: Special Legislation

Today’s lesson is written as a service to Representative Steve Smith (R-Maricopa). A relatively recent arrival to our state, providence thrust poor Rep. Smith into a political career without the benefit of anything more than superficial knowledge of Arizona’s history, culture or economy. It is our duty as people who love Arizona to help him […]

Bill Konopnicki

Editor’s note: Yes, the blog is still dark for the time being, but my brother wanted to write a tribute to his friend and colleague (and according to Polish clan rules, shield brother), Bill Konopnicki Last week came the sad news of the passing of my former colleague, Bill Konopnicki, Republican of Safford. He was […]

The Best Result of the Evening…

District 25 Senate, Republican Pirmary Russell Pearce – 10,086 (44.02%) Bob Worsley – 12,789 (55.82%) Write-in – 38 (0.17%) Apparently, Pearce was a bit press shy last night, so, unlike the recall, we haven’t yet been treated to excuses about how this election really doesn’t count. By the way, I keep hearing about high ranking […]

A Good Reason to Visit a Republican Blog

Politico Mafioso has a good take down of our former Senate President called “Top Ten Reasons Russell Pearce is a Hypocrite!” They limited themselves to hypocrisy because covering areas like bigotry, ignorance, self-dealing and arrogance would have strained their bandwidth.

Russell Pearce Would Have Taken the Guy Out, No Doubt

Another of former Senator Russell Pearce’s missives (and it feels so good to say “former”) made the rounds this weekend, and it doesn’t even involve bigotry. Here he is with his solution to the shooting incident in Colorado, posted on Facebook only an hour or so after reports of the incident hit the news (yes, […]

Catching Up

All sorts of articles and links I have been meaning to comment on have come over the transom over the last few days. What better way to write a Friday morning post than to summarize…a précis, so to speak. First off, Hispanic Politico had a piece yesterday proclaiming “Tea Party Republican Tom Horne set to […]

Wherin I Start With a Tortured Soccer Metaphor and Move on From There

One of the things that frustrates traditional American sports fans about soccer is that a game can end in a tie. Well, it can even be worse. The English are so allergic to tie breakers (in addition to being allergic to decent cooking) that for years, they didn’t allow for tie-breakers, even in knockout tournaments […]

One Little Thing

La Cervecera put out a statement saying that the “heart” of 1070 has been held up, and this makes everything okay. It may be, but the court seemed to say that there could be further litigation depending on how the provision empowering police officers to check immigration status of those that are deemed “reasonably suspicious” […]

Possibly the Funniest Political News of the Week

You may have read a little bit about this; it even made Wonkette. Russell Pearce had a fundraiser scheduled yesterday, and he had to cancel it when no one wanted to host it. The fundraiser was organized by lobbyist Gretchen Jacobs (yes, there are lobbyists who still like Pearce), an ally of pro-bullying activist Cathy […]

The Liberal Media

I try not to seek out conservative bias in the media. I’ve talked to enough reporters to know that what looks like “bias” could be poor editing or, yes, laziness at times. Still, once in a while I see something that makes me wonder. Today, JT Ready was killed after he massacred a family. For […]