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The Debate Over Debates

There are certain sillinesses that go on every election that remind us that, yes, it is time to exercise our franchise soon. For example, I got an e-mail from Ally Miller’s campaign alleging that Nancy Young Wright was messing with her signs. Yeah. One of the other biannual rituals is a candidate complaining that the […]

Carmona Ahead?

Yes, I read the same news as you did that Richard Carmona is leading Jeff Flake by five points. I admit that I like seeing a number that is that good. I expected that Carmona would pull a slight lead, given Flake’s primary, Carmona’s lead in money and the national mood. Five points though? The […]

More Labor Day

After the jump, Labor Day speeches from Raúl Grijalva, Ron Barber and Richard Elías. I was unable to record speeches from Richard Fimbres and Richard Carmona.

¿Pueden los nuyoriqueños llamarse pochos?

Richard Carmona has released a new ad, this one is in Spanish: Yeah, he is obviously not a native speaker, but so what? I suppose it could have been more slick if they asked a professional baritone, but he’s putting himself out there. All credit to him. We’ll see if Jeff Flake does that with […]

Carmona on the Teevee

Richard Carmona is going up on TV starting tomorrow. This ad is scheduled to be on broadcast and cable stations in the Phoenix and Tucson markets. The commercial covers similar themes to his announcement video from a few months back. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is touting a poll that shows Carmona tied with Jeff […]

Wil Cardon Keep Gaining?

When this whole open senate seat bidness got underway, I thought that Wil Cardon would, at best, make it so Jeff Flake would have to blow some money in the primary. You know, run the sort of “look at me, I’m a statesman” ads that would show him to be the grown up and even […]

Not 1976, But…

The Richard Carmona campaign is bragging about not only the $1.1 million they raised this last quarter, but how much of it came from donors giving less than $250. Candidates like to tout the number of donors less than $250 (in Carmona’s case, it’s 86% of their donors). It is a way of saying “I’m […]

Still a Doctor

Both parties have these people called trackers. They’ll be there at candidate’s public events taking video hoping for a “maccaca moment.” Usually, these guys work for the parties. Better not to let a candidate’s campaign get sullied with something that verges so close to espionage. Well, not really. But you know what I mean. One […]

And I Had a Bunch of Corned Beef Jokes Ready

Richard Carmona officially has a free ride in the Democratic primary. This was e-mailed from David Ruben yesterday: Unfortunately, after a review of our signatures, we found that we may not have had enough to continue running for the US Senate. We have withdrawn from the campaign. We want to thank all of you for […]

Why Now for Bivens?

I’ve had the chance to talk to some politicos about Don Bivens and his decision to drop out of the race this morning. Some folks thought that he should have taken his name out back when Richard Carmona declared in November. It made sense for Bivens not to do that back then. After all, he […]