An Arizona Politico Makes Us Proud Again

Arizona based consultant Nate Sproul has gotten caught committing voter registration fraud again. I mean allegedly, of course.

The Republican National Committee has sacked his firm, but this sort of thing seems to be Sproul’s raison d’être. At some point people have to stop giving organizations that hire Sproul the benefit of the doubt. He gets hired precisely because of shenanigans like this.

Ash Attacks Giffords’s Faith

After the jump is a post on Doug Martin’s blog. Martin is with Good News Communications, the folks that bring you KVOI and KGMS. The post was written by Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who, of all things, takes a shot at Gabrielle Giffords for not being Jewish enough:

After all , Congresswoman Giffords , who claims to be a Jewess, has foolishly done much to destabilize the security of Israel with her votes and alliances with others who want to force Israel to make treaties with enemies who do not even recognize the existence of the state.

(“Jewess”? Do people still use that word? I haven’t heard it since the last time I saw a remake of Ivanhoe.)

Yep, Gabrielle Giffords, who makes frequent trips to Israel, whose grandmother was president of Hadassah and…well, who the heck is he to declare who is Jewish and who isn’t? Does he run our local rabbinical court?

And Giffords hasn’t been supportive enough of Israel? Puhleeze.

He also, by the way, takes her to task for supporting the auto bailout, which she voted against. Ash, check your facts, dude. (He may also want to check them on Raúl Grijalva as well: he voted against the bank bail out that Ash castigates him for. Eh, facts!)

Also after the jump is a response from several members of the Jewish community, including former Chief Justice Stanley Feldman and developer (and Republican) Donald Pitt.

Also note that Ash takes Grijalva on for allegedly being anti-Israel as well. Never calls him out for not being Jewish enough though.

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Michael Steele: Still an Idiot

Here is video that has been travelling around these here intertubes of Michael Steele promoting his new magnum opus. In it, he throws in the phrase “honest injun.”

Wow, really?

I’ve never thought of the word “injun” to be as offensive as some other terms in the continuum of racial epithets that our country has come up with over the last two centuries (my Native American readers can feel free to disabuse me of that notion if it is necessary), but the use of the phrase is, at best, ignorant. By the way, Steele has promised to make the Republican Party more modern and more relevant to “the streets.” Is using an offensive phrase that went out of style when F Troop went off the air his way of doing that? Is this some PoMo experiment I just don’t get?

Is the RNC Encouraging Town Hall Shenanigans?

Just got off the phone with a guy who was present at Ann Kirkpatrick’s event in Holbrook last night. He ended up speaking to a couple of protestors, one of whom said that they had been notified of the the event in an e-mail from the RNC that encouraged people to go out and shut the meeting down, but, she pointed out, “no violence.”

Gotta give them credit for that I suppose.

The meeting had been publicized in the Holbrook Tribune News as a “chat with Ann,” not a town hall. Basically, these were “office hours” that Kirkpatrick happened to be holding in the atrium of a Safeway. Once again, as per the modus operandi with the people encouraging the protests, the protestors were left with the impression that this was going to be a town hall. When it turned out it wasn’t a town hall, they became angry, not with those that decieved them, but with the congresswoman.

The layout of the place wasn’t conducive to the sort of meeting that these guys wanted, even if Kirkpatrick decided to change the format at the last minute. And frankly, did they really want “discussion” anyway? It became impossible for Kirpatrick to do what she came to do: meet with constituents, so she had to cancel the event.

Not Even Sure How to Write a Clever Headline for This One

Back in civics class, we were told that the reason why the two party system has basically stayed intact for the last hundred and forty years is because they are self correcting. Because of the way our system works here, they can absorb third party movements and adapt to changes in the electorate. This is why a major party doesn’t stay in the wilderness for more than a few cycles.

Of course, then there are counter examples. Check out this story in Politico. Or, you don’t have to actually look at the story, the headline says it all:

‘Magic Negro’ flap might help Saltsman

Do these guys have any idea what the nation they are hoping to lead looks like these days?

In This Case, the Bush Pollenates the Bee

A couple of days ago, one of my ultra-secret sources calls me up to tell me that a PAC was being formed by Tim Bee’s campaign, the Pima County Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee. The committee is called the Tim Bee Arizona Trust, and is a “Joint Fund Raiser” committee. The caller told me, “This usually happens just before a big player comes to town. It’ll be George Bush.”

I didn’t post anything. As much as I’d like to pretend this was news judgement, it was mostly laziness. Sorry to disappoint y’all.

The fundraiser has been announced. It will be at a private home in the foothills on July 18th. Have you ever noticed that when these high ranking Republicans grace our presence here in Baja Arizona, they never actually come into the city? They have their shindigs up in the foothills, usually in a gated community or a country club, then hop back into their limos and get onto the freeway back to the airport as soon as possible. Heaven forbid these guys meet actual Tucsonans.

Still, this will mean Bush has been here more than our own senior senator.

I have to give an ounce of credit to Pat Buchanan. When he came down during his 1996 race, not only did he make it into Tucson, he actually visited the South Side.

Why, He’s As Busy As a…Naw, I Won’t Go There

Tim BeeI’ve received a couple of e-mails from folks asking me when Tim Bee was going to resign. It didn’t occur to me that such a thing would be imminent, but he may need to sooner rather than later.

There are two things Bee has to do before he tries to take down Gabrielle Giffords in the next election. First, he wants to avoid a primary like the one that happened last year. Second, he needs to make sure he can raise money to be competitive with Giffords.

Bee and his friends in the Republican establishment have already done a good job of keeping other candidates out. Bruce Ash, who would have been a strong contender, now has a seat on the Republican National Committee. The field seems to be clear for the guy, barring a strong challenger from the right.

The money issue becomes even more important than usual since national Republicans are probably going to look at early fundraising to decide where they will commit their scarcer than usual resources. Raising a great deal of money early will also keep other candidates out of the race.

His trouble is he isn’t allowed to raise money right now. Raising more than a few thousand dollars means our state’s resign to run law kicks in. Giffords already has $415,000 in cash on hand, people around Bee will be asking him if he can really wait until December and then catch up.

Bee has been getting a great deal of good press lately, since he seems to have come out on top in the budget fight. Heck, he did this cooperating with a Democratic governor. “He’s a bridgebuilder” those press releases will say. He’s about as on top of the world as a Baja Arizona legislator can be, he could get out now and ride the wave of good press. However, I don’t expect him to do so until after an expected special session on the English Language Learner issue. It wouldn’t say much about his motives if he left the Senate before this important issue is handled. Of course, it can be said that he didn’t do much about it during the session…

Our Three R’s

Jeff Simpson asks about the title of this blog, so here is a bit of a history lesson for y’all.

In 1884, New York Democratic Governor Grover “Grover the Good” Cleveland was running against Maine Republican Senator James “Blaine from Maine” Blaine. The race was supposed to be tight in New York state, where the Tammany Hall machine was less than enthusiastic about supporting the reform Governor.

The Religious Bureau of the Republican National Committee had a get together where a preacher named Dr. Samuel D. Burchard spoke and said:

We are Republicans, and don’t propose to leave our party and identify ourselves with the party whose antecedents have been rum, Romanism, and rebellion. We are loyal to our flag.

Burchard was summarizing three “bugaboos” that got the Republican “base vote” riled about the Democrats:

  • Rum: Prohibition was the great moral issue of the day, and it divided both major parties. However, then as now, it was easy to tag the Democrats as wrong on a “values” issue. Cleveland had been pounded throughout the campaign for fathering a child out of wedlock, so any charge of moral terpitude tended to stick.
  • Romanism: There were growing throngs of immigrants from Ireland, Southern and Eastern Europe. Since many of these immigrants shared a Catholic background, then considered a dangerous foreign ideology, it became easy to tag them as not quite American. Many of these voters formed the base of the Democratic urban machines.
  • Rebellion: The Republicans were still waving the bloody shirt twenty years after the civil war. Understandable, really.

Cleveland narrowly carried New York and won the presidency. Some people say that Buchard’s comments alienated many and helped motivate more Catholics to go to the polls, I doubt it. Cleveland’s victory in New York probably had more to do with former Kansas Governor John P. St. John (I love that name), who was running as a Prohibition candidate. St. John was irked at Blaine for various reasons and put a great deal of effort in New York to cut into Blaine’s support. What Burchard’s comments did was indicate that the Republicans were slowly becoming out of touch with the electorate, bashing a growing immigrant population and waving the bloody shirt wasn’t going to win elections anymore.

Some of Nixon’s people tried to create an updated version: Acid, Amnesty and Abortion. I suggest this to Jeff as the name of his blog…

I’ll leave it up to y’all to find any parallels to the modern day. I have to get back to setting our nation’s youth straight.