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An Arizona Politico Makes Us Proud Again

Arizona based consultant Nate Sproul has gotten caught committing voter registration fraud again. I mean allegedly, of course. The Republican National Committee has sacked his firm, but this sort of thing seems to be Sproul’s raison d’être. At some point people have to stop giving organizations that hire Sproul the benefit of the doubt. He […]

What? His Name’s Rebus? Uncle Remus?

Reince Priebus is not a concept in Roman Law, it is the name of the guy they just elected Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Reince Preibus. It sounds vaguely foreign, donnit? Anyone check his papers?

Ash Attacks Giffords’s Faith

After the jump is a post on Doug Martin’s blog. Martin is with Good News Communications, the folks that bring you KVOI and KGMS. The post was written by Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who, of all things, takes a shot at Gabrielle Giffords for not being Jewish enough: After all , Congresswoman Giffords , […]

Michael Steele: Still an Idiot

Here is video that has been travelling around these here intertubes of Michael Steele promoting his new magnum opus. In it, he throws in the phrase “honest injun.” Wow, really? I’ve never thought of the word “injun” to be as offensive as some other terms in the continuum of racial epithets that our country has […]

Is the RNC Encouraging Town Hall Shenanigans?

Just got off the phone with a guy who was present at Ann Kirkpatrick’s event in Holbrook last night. He ended up speaking to a couple of protestors, one of whom said that they had been notified of the the event in an e-mail from the RNC that encouraged people to go out and shut […]

Michael Steele: Determinant of All Things Hip…or Hep, Maybe?

Everytime I hear this guy try to be “relevant,” I end up thinking of this guy.

Not Even Sure How to Write a Clever Headline for This One

Back in civics class, we were told that the reason why the two party system has basically stayed intact for the last hundred and forty years is because they are self correcting. Because of the way our system works here, they can absorb third party movements and adapt to changes in the electorate. This is […]

In This Case, the Bush Pollenates the Bee

A couple of days ago, one of my ultra-secret sources calls me up to tell me that a PAC was being formed by Tim Bee’s campaign, the Pima County Republican Party, the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee. The committee is called the Tim Bee Arizona Trust, and is a “Joint Fund […]

Why, He’s As Busy As a…Naw, I Won’t Go There

I’ve received a couple of e-mails from folks asking me when Tim Bee was going to resign. It didn’t occur to me that such a thing would be imminent, but he may need to sooner rather than later. There are two things Bee has to do before he tries to take down Gabrielle Giffords in the next […]

Our Three R’s

Jeff Simpson asks about the title of this blog, so here is a bit of a history lesson for y’all. In 1884, New York Democratic Governor Grover “Grover the Good” Cleveland was running against Maine Republican Senator James “Blaine from Maine” Blaine. The race was supposed to be tight in New York state, where the […]