See the Happy Feet Moving Down the Street

Not Fred DuValI got a call today from Fred DuVal, who is stumping for votes for the Democratic National Committee slot being vacated by Joe Rios. This would not be DuVal’s first stint on the committee, having served as an “at-large” member in the 1990’s.

DuVal is promising to get more resources for Arizona, something is is very capable of delivering on owing to his already strong network within the DNC and the rest of the Democratic party in DC.

The one concern I have is that Rios was one of the few Hispanic voices in among the State Party’s officers. Randy Camacho recently stepped aside as well, leaving Vice Chair Tony Gonzales of Flagstaff as the only current officer of Hispanic descent.

The party will be electing the new national committee member in January.

I Got Me A Mailer…Two Even!

I finally recieved a mailer from Randy Camacho. I thought it was a bit unusual since it contained what was essentially a very wordy palm card, rather than a letter, detailing his 30/15/8 plan. I suppose that the card contained the same information that would be in a “Dear Democratic Friend” letter anyway. It just lacked that personal touch and warmth that a mass produced letter with a Xeroxed signature would have had.

I also recieved another letter in support of David Waid. This one was signed (Xeroxed, of course) by the complete Democratic College of Cardinals: Janet Napolitano, Terry Goddard, Harry Mitchell, Gabrielle Giffords, Raúl Grijalva and Ed Pastor. As I have noted before, there has been some tension within this group over past and potential resource and staffing decisions made by Waid, but these have either been resolved, or they have agreed to resolve them later.

State Committee members in Maricopa County recieved an e-mail from newly installed Maricopa County Headman Mark Manoil and immediate past chair Judy Kennedy endorsing Waid. The e-mail also included endorsements from past and present district chairs and other long time activists including Aaron Jahneke and Lois Pfau. All told, the e-mail lists 25 Democratic królewięta, which makes one wonder how many people were left to mail to.


A quick visit to Randy Camacho’s website and you may notice some changes to his endorsement list.

One thing is that both Raúl Grijalva and Ed Pastor have disappeared from the list. Both had been touted early on as endorsers of Camacho, especially when it looked like the field would be open. Both of them have been at contentious “principals” meetings with the Governor where they voiced their dissatisfaction with some of the proposed staffing decisions of current chair David Waid. Some of these conflicts have been resolved, and that may be why the names have vanished from Camacho’s list.

At the top of Camacho’s list is now the Progressive Democrats of America. Last week, the Maricopa County chapter and “several other progressive organizations” voted to endorse Camacho’s candidacy. The press release doesn’t detail who the other organizations were, and there is no sign on the Sonora Progressives website that they have taken a stand in the race. Even though many of the Sonora Progressives are campaigning for Camacho, their leaders were careful to say that the group had not endorsed, at least as of last week.

I recieved an e-mail from a Camacho supporter about a rumor that Camacho was anti-gay. I had never heard such a thing but they wanted me to know that Camacho had come out against the “Protect Marriage Arizona” amendment and was even quoted in opposition in the Republic. Maybe they thought this was a rumor that would start soon? This campaign has been so low wattage that I really, really doubt it. This person thought that the rumor may have started because his brother Richard (a teacher, like his brother) had a debate on gay marriage in his class room and some of the comments around that incident might be connected to Randy.

As I said, I haven’t heard anyone say such a thing about Randy Camacho. All I hear about him from people is that he’s a tolerant and progressive individual. I have a real hard time believing a rumor like that.