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Bill Konopnicki

Editor’s note: Yes, the blog is still dark for the time being, but my brother wanted to write a tribute to his friend and colleague (and according to Polish clan rules, shield brother), Bill Konopnicki Last week came the sad news of the passing of my former colleague, Bill Konopnicki, Republican of Safford. He was […]

Lopes Endorses Wercinski

In a note sent to legislative colleagues, Phil Lopes has endorsed Sam Wercinski for Secretary of State: This email is to ask you to join me in support of Sam Wercinski for Secretary of State. I firmly believe he is the candidate with the best chance of winning the 2010 Secretary election. I first met […]

Yeah, Yeah, It’s All Napolitano’s Fault

The new meme among Republicans is that the current budget mess is all the fault of Janet Napolitano. Here’s Randy Pullen: This crisis is the legacy of Janet Napolitano. The days of runaway spending and big government are over here in Arizona, as are the days of rainbow revenue projections. I’ll let you sit back […]

The New Republic Catches Wind of Our Discontent

The New Republic’s blog, the Plank (a reference you only get if you know TNR’s logo), has a long (for a blog) piece about the consequences for us Arizonenses should Janet Napolitano pack her bags for Washington. The piece quotes Marsha Arzberger (First Lady of Kansas Settlement), Phil Lopes, Rebecca Rios and Amy Silverman. The […]

My Bro’s Picks

My brother has sent out his biannual recommendations for the ballot propositions to all of his scenester buddies. In the spirit of public service that this blog is famous for, I present it here. I agree with most of them. I understand his position on 202, which is an attempted fix of a draconian employer […]

That Other Weiers…

I recieved a missive from our capitol correspondent, Sonoran Sam. Sam is an alright guy because despite his residency in the Valley of the Yakes, he is a former Tucsonan. Posting his stuff is easier than writing my own, right? Rep. Jerry Weiers – not to be confused with his evil brother Big Jim Weiers, […]

New Developments

My mom got a robo call today that went through a rundown of the bill that Linda Lopez voted to move forward, and then promised to connect the listener to Lopez’s office. Gawd…that’s some serious juice there. Anyone have any idea who is funding that? The heat thrown at Lopez and Pete Rios has apparently […]

Credit Where Credit Is Due

KUAZ (89.1 on your FM dial) is doing something interesting: they are featuring interviews with Phil Lopes and Tim Bee every Thursday.  The two of them alternate weeks, with an interview with Lopes being featured last week, and today they will be broacasting an interview with Bee. As far as I can tell, this will […]

What’s Up With That?

The funny thing with politics is, if enough people are wondering if a story is true, it doesn’t matter if it actually is true.  The fact that people are talking about it is a story all its own. A few days ago I recieved an e-mail from a reader up in Phoenix who was asking […]

Mo Was Right About those Circular Firing Squads

Back in the closing years of the last century, I was regional director for the Young Democrats of America. A month or so into my term, an e-mail hit the YDA listserv (something I started, one of the few tangible accomplishments I made during my brief brush with leadership in that group) announcing that Oklahoma […]