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Giffords’s Lead Widens

Here are the latest numbers in the CD 8 race: Gabrielle Giffords (DEM) – 127,077 Jesse Kelly (REP) – 124,022 Steven Stoltz (LBT) – 10,128 I’m still awaiting the hopeful-crossing-the-line-to-delusional missive from Jesse Kelly claiming this is “narrowing the gap.” Cue Sonoran Alliance and Publius Pundit claiming this lead is the result of an ACORN/Soros-inspired […]

That’s a Good Sign

Greg Patterson of Espresso Pundit has predicted a seven point victory for Jesse Kelly over Gabrielle Giffords. Here is his past record of predictions in that district: Prediction Result ’06 Primary Patty Weiss Giffords by 23 ’06 General Randy Graf Giffords by 12 ’08 General Tim Bee Giffords by 12 I dunno, something tells me […]

Ash Attacks Giffords’s Faith

After the jump is a post on Doug Martin’s blog. Martin is with Good News Communications, the folks that bring you KVOI and KGMS. The post was written by Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who, of all things, takes a shot at Gabrielle Giffords for not being Jewish enough: After all , Congresswoman Giffords , […]

What Dave Said…

Over at Blog for Arizona, David Safier takes down the Star for its anemic coverage of the President’s speech last night. I’m here to pile on. Something that Safier only tangentially notes is that both of the Star’s articles can be found elsewhere: one was from the New York Times (cue the angry Pace cowboys) […]

Change You Can Xerox?

Yes, yes, both PolitickerAZ and Scramblewatch have already covered this one (Curse You, Nintzel and Brown!), but, gawddernit, it is so beautiful, it needs to be repeated. Okay, I guess the premise is that these two guys, Orville and Ed are supposed to be two regular folks from Southeastern Arizona. Now, mind you, I have […]


I was chagrined yesterday when I saw that after Barack Obama had met with Gabrielle Giffords, Gifffords rzecznik C. J. Karamargin had given Greg Sargent the news that Giffords was, well, still officially uncommitted. I mean, how am I supposed to keep up my reputation as a Giffords toady if these people give their exclusives […]