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Bill Konopnicki

Editor’s note: Yes, the blog is still dark for the time being, but my brother wanted to write a tribute to his friend and colleague (and according to Polish clan rules, shield brother), Bill Konopnicki Last week came the sad news of the passing of my former colleague, Bill Konopnicki, Republican of Safford. He was […]

The New Republic Catches Wind of Our Discontent

The New Republic’s blog, the Plank (a reference you only get if you know TNR’s logo), has a long (for a blog) piece about the consequences for us Arizonenses should Janet Napolitano pack her bags for Washington. The piece quotes Marsha Arzberger (First Lady of Kansas Settlement), Phil Lopes, Rebecca Rios and Amy Silverman. The […]

If I Were In Charge…

One of R-Cubed’s correspondents reports that Tim Bee told some people at a meeting of educational administrators yesterday that if he and Marsha Arzberger were in charge, this whole budget situation would be resolved. Well…that’s very nice. Frankly, if any individual legislator were in charge, the budget situation would be resolved. Even if if was this […]

Pack Your Carpetbags!

I spoke with Katie Bolger today, she noticed that I did not link to Karin Uhlich’s website. I could say that I didn’t because I don’t live in her ward, or I could admit that I didn’t know her URL. There is another Rum, Romanism and Rebellion site. Go figure. They even use the same […]

Not So Good Vibrations

I haven’t been so good about checking the lefty blogs this week. I fell out of the habit of checking Daily Kos. With this available to me, what is the incentive to post a diary on there? Well, I suppose because more people will read it. There are some folks on there who are rather […]