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Well, Duh

In a move that should have surprised nobody, but will doubtless inspire more than a little well-practiced umbrage from the legislative leadership nonetheless, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously ruled this week that the Legislature’s diversion of funds from the State Land Trust to balance the budget was unconstitutional. This sort of thing has happened so […]

From Our “Put On Your Feathers, Ese…” Desk

Remember back in 2010 when two escapees from a private prison near Kingman murdered a couple in New Mexico? Our State’s leaders are hoping you don’t. To recap, the incident at a prison run by Management and Training Corporation (who re-enter our story later) highlighed connections between the private prison industry and the governor’s office […]

We Are the State

I posed some questions the other day about the removal of Colleen Mathis and the Republican kvetching about the IRC and I got a response from John Kavanagh. Kavanagh responded with some clap-trap about what Democrats should be concerned about (note: if Democrats ever take, or even seek, advice from John Kavanagh, there is no […]