Yeah, It’s Been a Few Days

Okay, some of you complained about my lack of posting here.



So, this means I was the second guy, after the Weekly, to catch this ridiculously Photoshopped picture that Joe Flores is using in his campaign literature.

The picture is from an Obama rally. Check out the guy with the orange #20 cap (Tony Stewart fans ♥ Joe Flores!). Only part of the sign was actually altered, you can still see the “Change We Can Believe In” on it.

We here at R-Cubed found another rejected photo of a Joe Flores rally:

Could You Spare a Pack of Sigs?

This week, the local Democratic Party, who apparently didn’t get the memo that writing in a mocking tone is my department, sent out a press release bragging that not only has the entire Democratic slate filed (unless you count the unendorsed Joe Flores and whackjob Marshall Home), but that no Republican has. Local Republican flack Sam Stone took the bait and assured the world (or at least the Weekly) that, yes, the Republicans will file a full slate.

Of course, his assurances came with an implication that the Democrats were planning to file a lawsuit. This will be followed later, no doubt, by fresh allegations of ACORN busing in illegal aliens and ominous questions about Paul Cunningham’s birth certificate. (I haven’t seen it, have you?)

The thesis of the press release is that, despite the Tea Party explosion last year and a pretty relentless hammering of everything City of Tucson by our local press and the folks in Phoenix, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of an electoral cyclone that is destined to sweep Democrats from office.

This goes a bit beyond whether or not the Republicans can file their signatures today or not, it’s who they’ve gotten to run. You’d think with all of the bluster from the other side, there would be no shortage of Republican candidates.

Instead, you have a Ward 1 race that is so far uncontested by the Republicans. You’d think that given the current occupant of that seat is Regina Romero, a favorite target of local radio roleros because of her liberalism and closeness to Raúl Grijalva, there would be someone, somewhere. Well, not quite.

Then there is Ward 2. Long time local politicos would be hard pressed to name the last appointed councilmember that even managed to win a primary, much less go on to re-election. You’d think that that would have made Cunningham a ripe target, especially considering he represents a fairly Republican area. Despite all of this, it wasn’t until the end of March that Jennifer Rawson pulled papers. Her sparsely attended anouncement indicates how unexcited local Republican pooh-bahs are about her chances.

And in Ward 4, oh, they actually found a real candidate in Tyler Vogt. Okay, that’s one.

Then, in the mayor’s race, well there you have a primary, albeit with two flawed candidates. Even though the local Republican establishment seems to be swinging (slowly but inevitably) behind Shaun McClusky, one has to wonder how excited they are about him when you hear that Republicans like Rick Grinnell are trying to push Democrat-turned-Independent Pat Darcy’s candidacy.

Oh, by the way: the pathetic story that is Ron Asta’s campaign isn’t over yet. Word is he’s been contacting firms to get paid signatures. He’s been running since late February, but he apparently is far enough behind to have to pay for signatures. I have my doubts that the guy will qualify.

Back to my point: it’s one thing to feed tales of a broken city government to eager reporters, whine about taxes or spout off tea drenched platitudes on local radio stations, it’s quite another to put your name out there and competently offer an alternative vision to the voters. Our local Republicans don’t seem to be ready to do that.

Hand Wringing

I’ve been amused by the handwringing over the Democratic Party’s endorsement of Regina Romero, Paul Cunningham and Shirley Scott.

Apparently, we are supposed to be shocked that the a party establishment has lined up to protect its incumbents. Shocking.

This brings up the drawback to being the candidate that takes on the establishment: the establishment tends not to support you. Once again, shocking.

The move by the Pima County Democratic Executive Committee codified something that was already going on among the candidates. Mayoral Candidate Jonathan Rothschild was already walking with Regina Romero, and there were plans among the other incumbents to cooperate.

Former Senator Luís Gonzales sent a letter to Pima County Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers decrying the move on behalf of his candidate, Joe Flores. Gonzales shouldn’t exactly be surprised by the move: his run against Mo Udall in 1986 effectively ended his career in electoral politics. I understand that he was perplexed that the local party establishment wasn’t on board with him back them either.

Had a candidate like Miguel Ortega made the race, not only would there have not been the votes on the committee pass the endorsement, I doubt it would have even been brought up. Some of Flores’s actions make it hard to take him seriously as a candidate. He refused to answer questions (even simple biographical ones) from a local political reporter, instead refering him to his supporter, Jesse Lugo. His campaign material doesn’t lay out much of a case against Romero, instead takes a shot at Raúl Grijalva. It makes it sound like the guy is a put up candidate from two people who are using this race as a way to carry on their decades long feud with Grijalva rather than having anything to do with how Tucson is governed, or even the woman that holds the office.

I saw that David Morales is angry about the endorsement over at Three Sonorans. It surprises me that Morales would take Flores’s side in this given how strong Morales has been on issues like ethnic studies and SB 1070. For all of his talk about Democrats not being progressive enough, it’s odd for him to throw in with Lugo’s crowd.