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Yeah, It’s Been a Few Days

Okay, some of you complained about my lack of posting here. Yep. Anyway. So, this means I was the second guy, after the Weekly, to catch this ridiculously Photoshopped picture that Joe Flores is using in his campaign literature. The picture is from an Obama rally. Check out the guy with the orange #20 cap […]

Could You Spare a Pack of Sigs?

This week, the local Democratic Party, who apparently didn’t get the memo that writing in a mocking tone is my department, sent out a press release bragging that not only has the entire Democratic slate filed (unless you count the unendorsed Joe Flores and whackjob Marshall Home), but that no Republican has. Local Republican flack […]

Hand Wringing

I’ve been amused by the handwringing over the Democratic Party’s endorsement of Regina Romero, Paul Cunningham and Shirley Scott. Apparently, we are supposed to be shocked that the a party establishment has lined up to protect its incumbents. Shocking. This brings up the drawback to being the candidate that takes on the establishment: the establishment […]