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The Debate Over Debates

There are certain sillinesses that go on every election that remind us that, yes, it is time to exercise our franchise soon. For example, I got an e-mail from Ally Miller’s campaign alleging that Nancy Young Wright was messing with her signs. Yeah. One of the other biannual rituals is a candidate complaining that the […]

Carmona Ahead?

Yes, I read the same news as you did that Richard Carmona is leading Jeff Flake by five points. I admit that I like seeing a number that is that good. I expected that Carmona would pull a slight lead, given Flake’s primary, Carmona’s lead in money and the national mood. Five points though? The […]

Carmona on the Teevee

Richard Carmona is going up on TV starting tomorrow. This ad is scheduled to be on broadcast and cable stations in the Phoenix and Tucson markets. The commercial covers similar themes to his announcement video from a few months back. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is touting a poll that shows Carmona tied with Jeff […]

An Akin in His Heart

Jeff Flake sent this tweet on Sunday, trying to get himself in front of the Todd Akin mess: I oppose abortion, but exceptions must be made for rape, incest and to protect life of the mother. Cong. Akin’s comment was wrong. #azsen I’ll say it again, as bad as what Akin said was, what’s worse […]

Y tú, Jeff? Paul?

Unfortunately, I gave up being shocked years ago that there are men like Rep. Todd Akin with some supremely ignorant views about rape and how the female reproductive organs actually work. What is disappointing is that people that are so unenlightened are rewarded with high office, even worse that they are probably there precisely because […]

Because We All Really Want Sylvia Allen and Al Melvin to Have More of a Voice

Headline in the Huffington Post: Jeff Flake, Arizona Senate Candidate, Calls For Ending Direct Election Of Senators Because there is nothing better than asking voters for their support in a run for an office that you don’t think they should be able to vote for. So, which of our two Senators does Flake think shouldn’t […]

Wil Cardon Keep Gaining?

When this whole open senate seat bidness got underway, I thought that Wil Cardon would, at best, make it so Jeff Flake would have to blow some money in the primary. You know, run the sort of “look at me, I’m a statesman” ads that would show him to be the grown up and even […]

Not 1976, But…

The Richard Carmona campaign is bragging about not only the $1.1 million they raised this last quarter, but how much of it came from donors giving less than $250. Candidates like to tout the number of donors less than $250 (in Carmona’s case, it’s 86% of their donors). It is a way of saying “I’m […]

Franks Incensed

Oh, that poor Club for Growth! They’ve taken so much grief over the last few years for supporting “insurgent” candidates against the “establishment” in Republican primaries, and they get blamed when those insurgents prove to be too radical (reactionary, really) to win a general election. This year in Arizona, they’ve endorsed establishment candidate Jeff Flake. […]

This Day in Lobbyists-Turned-Politicians

Well, two of our congressional candidates are getting a wee bit of blow back for their previous careers as shills…I mean hired guns…I mean necessary parts of our legislative process. Jeff Flake’s previous career as a lobbyist is a not well hidden, but seldom mentioned, part of his past. It was left off of his […]