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Bill Konopnicki

Editor’s note: Yes, the blog is still dark for the time being, but my brother wanted to write a tribute to his friend and colleague (and according to Polish clan rules, shield brother), Bill Konopnicki Last week came the sad news of the passing of my former colleague, Bill Konopnicki, Republican of Safford. He was […]

A Bit of Good News

Janet Napolitano announced this morning that DHS will no longer deport “low priority” illegal immigrants. These would be folks who migrated before their sixteenth birthday, have committed no major crimes and are under the age of 30. It goes without saying that this will cause the usual veins-in-the-neck popping snit from certain folks who have […]

Putsching too Hard

Jan Brewer put out word yesterday that she will soon announce what she will do about last week’s supreme court decision striking down her attempted removal of Colleen Mathis. This morning Paul Davenport reported that Brewer wants a more detailed explanation of the court’s decision. I say, let them give her one as soon as […]

Doing a Few Lines

You hear that? Yeah, I can’t either. I’ve been straining myself trying to hear Republican complaints about how the Independent Redistricting Commission is a Star Chamber run by puppeteers in a White House sub-basement, taking orders from Rahm Emanuel, Van Jones and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hmm. Can’t hear anything. That can’t have anything to do with […]

Selective Care

During the debate on an abortion bill on Tuesday, newly elected Representative Katie Hobbs pointed out the irony of all the talk about care for minority children and their mothers when many of these same legislators support major cuts in our state’s Medicaid program, AHCCCS. I guess the Republicans took this as a challenge. Late […]

Credit Where Credit Ain’t Due

Press release from the Senate Republicans: The Arizona Senate this afternoon passed a bill authored by Senate President Russell Pearce that will bring jobs to our state, and re-establishes Arizona as a national economic leader. SB1001/HB2001 also include broad tax reductions that will improve the bottom line for all business in Arizona, leading to more […]

Thoughts on a Full Term

Back in January of 2001, a friend of mine was in law school and a fellow student bragged, “I’m going to the Washington for the inauguration.” My friend tore a small piece off of the corner of a sheet of paper and said, “Here, write down everything interesting he says.” I felt the same about […]

More Wisdom from Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer reacting to comments from Janet Napolitano, as quoted on Arizona Public Media: We won’t be satisfied until we are satisfied. I guess there is no arguing with this sort of ontology, is there? Ya know, when Yogi Berra said things like this, it was kind of cute because he was only responsible for […]

La Cervecera Goes on the Attack

Just got an e-mail from Jan Brewer’s campaign in which she takes on Dean Martin. Martin has had some days of decent press lately. Since he’s the State Treasurer, he can couch his criticisms of the legislature and governor as part of his ministerial responsibilities. She can’t be too happy about the free ride he’s […]

Us? Budget? Never Heard of It.

One of the little bits from La Cervecera’s State of the State Address that has gotten some folks talking was Jan Brewer’s non-introduction of State Treasurer Dean Martin and Attorney General Terry Goddard. It might not have been as remarked on except that the Governor made a point of looking at the two of them […]