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Attention Pundits: This is What Real Bi-Partisanship Looks Like

From House Minority Leader Chad Campbell’s Facebook feed: “Describing mine and Gov. Brewer’s relationship these past couple of years as “frosty” is definitely one way to put it… That being said, I give her credit for taking on Medicaid expansion and some school safety issues in her State of the State speech today. I sincerely […]

No Big Surprise

Becky Pallack has a story in this morning’s Star about national Republicans throwing in the towel on the CD 3 race. I’m always struck that people are shocked about how resilient Raúl Grijalva is. The Republicans had their best shot at taking him down in 2010, when the national mood gave every Democrat a strong […]


I first got wind of this earlier this week (because I talk to the wind, the wind cannot hear…) when someone pointed out to me that la Cervecera’s name had been scrubbed from Gabriela Saucedo Mercer’s website. I held off on writing about it to give Nick Martin a chance to do a story over […]

Campbell Calls Out Governor on Prison Contract

Thank you Chad Campbell for shedding some light on la Cervecera’s shady prison deal: Campbell chides Brewer, legislators for wasting tax dollars on for-profit prisons STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX –Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 14), released the following statement after learning the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was awarded a contract today to build 1,000 new, […]

Now That’s What I Call Racism

Jan Brewer accused Barack Obama of “race baiting” this morning and was angry about accusations of bigotry. Being accused by la Cervecera of race baiting is a bit like being accused by Randy Travis of public intoxication. Since her side is free of race baiting and bigotry, I’m sure she’d be more than happy to […]

What Was Weak Last Week

First off, any of you guys and gals realize that next week both Jan Brewer and Ken Bennett will be out of the state? Normally I’d be giving a hearty “hip hip hooray” for la Cervecera being out of office, even if it’s temporarily. This time, however, the feeling is tempered by the fact that […]

Sound and Fury

Funny thing about Jan Brewer’s so-called action yesterday: it doesn’t do anything. Hey, I didn’t say that, she did. Here she is at yesterday’s press conference: It actually is no different than what was already in place. It’s true. Since the president’s directive doesn’t actually grant any new legal status to anyone, Brewer’s “executive order” […]

Well, Who Needs Tourism Anyway? Right Jan?

Edwin Leslie, an adviser to Jan Brewer on tourism issues, has quit over her latest crusade against gay and lesbian state employees. With limited funding of state parks, underfunding of promotion of our state, hostile rhetoric towards Hispanics from our state’s leaders and even closed signs at rest stops for a time, the question is […]

Hoping for a Few Activist Judges

La Cervecera announced that she will not be calling the legislature into special session. For those that don’t remember (actually, it was only the last post), the governor was going to call a special session to deal with a citizens’ initiative to give Arizona a “jungle primary.” I don’t pretend to know why the session […]

We Love the Voters ‘Cept When We Don’t

Get ready. Next Tuesday, the legislature will guest star Tom Hanks as alcoholic uncle Ned. That’s right, it’s a very special session. At issue is the citizen’s initiative to give Arizona a “Jungle Primary.” All candidates will be on the same primary ballot with the top two finishers going to the general election. The idea […]