Gratuitous Soccer Reference

There have been some odd picks for jersey sponsors for soccer teams. For example, the team of the famously poorly shaved Eddie Gaven is sponsored by Barbasol.

Anyway, FC New York has picked up an interesting sponsor: Mitt Romney.

Apparently, it’s not Romney per se, but a donor that prefers to remain anonymous who paid for the Romney logo and slogan to go on the jerseys.

I didn’t know you could do that, but hey.

Despite having the words “New York” in their name, it’s a minor league team. The Queens based club started in the bottom tiers of the professional game last year as a member of the USL-Pro league, the US’s third division. They only managed six wins all season and fired their coach after a month. The team is now playing in the National Premier Soccer League, which makes them fourth division and amateur. This season they have managed two wins for ten points and a -9 goal differential.

Not sure if that says anything for the politics of the team, but I hope it’s some sort of omen.

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was the 90th birthday of former Governor Rose Mofford.

Mofford served as governor after the impeachment of Evan Mecham, becoming the first woman to serve in that office. Interestingly, we’ve only had one male governor in the years since she served.

Mofford is descended from Croats who had migrated to the mining communities of Arizona. In celebration of her birthday, the Croatian national soccer team delivered a beating to Ireland yesterday.

Back Atcha

Yeah, I’ve been bad about posting lately. The Desert Diamond Cup took up a lot of my writing/blogging energy (measured not in Joules, but in Sullys) over the last couple of weeks. Oh, by the way, the Revs look like they will be a much better squad this year. Of course, since they didn’t even win a half dozen games last year, the bar is rather low.

Anyhow, I’ll have some stuff up for you in the next few hours.

Tedski on the Radio

For those of you who missed it, you can listen to my stirring interview on Bill Buckmaster’s show over at his page. Topics were Nineteenth Century politics, the CD 8 race and Desert Diamond Cup because, apparently, I’m the soccer guy now. I’m on around 45 minutes in.

If you haven’t caught his show yet, it’s a must listen for anyone that gives a darn about what goes on in our town. It’s on KVOI 1030 AM weekdays from noon to 1 pm.

Handicapping the Pearce Replacement Shuffle

The Republican caucus meets tomorrow at ten to figure out who is going to be the new Senate President.

Oh, why is this happening? Because Russell Pearce lost his recall election.

I know you knew that, but it is fun to type it. I’ll type it again too. Russell Pearce lost his recall election.

I would pretend that the following information was part of some massive news and intelligence gathering on my part, I really got it from a friend’s tweet. Here is what he expects the vote count to be:

Andy Biggs: 10
Steve Yarbrough: 8
Steve Pierce: 2

The 21st vote would be Linda Gray who is “holding out.” If these numbers are right, she and the votes of Steve Pierce’s supporters would be decisive.

CORRECTION: The original post said Gary Pierce.

Miller Given a Yellow Card

There has been trouble brewing on Fifth Street. Apparently, Brian Miller’s jihad against Clarence Dupnik isn’t universally supported by people in his party. That, and they aren’t happy with how money is being spent either. The mahouts held a meeting of the Republican executive committee last night. They didn’t ditch Miller, but they neutered him (they want their “medallions” back!). The resolution they passed is after the jump.

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Credit Where Credit Ain’t Due

There is still a meme floating around out there that Jan Brewer is taking action on transplant funding when she’s done nothing of the kind. The latest was a tweet I saw from the Capitol Times just this morning. I wrote an op-ed for the Sentinel about this (they let me write about something other than FC Tucson and Jimmy Nielsen once in a while), and mad props to E. J. Montini for decimating claims from her camp and some folks in the media that she’s done anything to restore funding.

Same Old Russell Pearce, Always Complaining…

Any of you remember how establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission was supposed to remove political posturing and gamesmanship from the redistricting process?


Russell Pearce has gotten some ink from alleging some shenanigans in the process to whittle down nominees to the Independent Redistricting Committee. Whatever his allegations, it must be remembered that the committee culling nominees for the redistricting commission is by and large Republican and mostly Jan Brewer’s appointees.

The other thing to remember here is that Pearce, for all of his grumbling, doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on here. There is no procedure to re-open the nomination process. It’s hard to see how the courts could intervene when Pearce’s best argument seems to be “I don’t like how this turned out.”

(By the way, there isn’t a lack of complaints on the Democratic side. I spoke with David Schapira yesterday, who was concerned about the near total lack of Hispanics on the list. There is only one available on the Democratic side out of three total. This means three more than the last time this circus came to town.)

The real reason Pearce is angry is not because of “diversity” or overblown claims of religious discrimination, but because he is going to be forced to pick a guy named Benny White instead of someone more to his liking. Why is he forced to? Because only two members of the committee can come from any one county. With Kirk Adams and Chad Campbell likely to pick members from Maricopa County, this means Pearce will be left to pick only Republicans from outside of Maricopa County. This leaves only one guy: Benny White.

White is husband to former Pima County Republican Chair Judy White and has a pretty impressive resume. It is doubtful that he’d be problematic for the Republicans. But, remember this is Russell Pearce we’re talking about. Outrage and grievance is his game. White isn’t his cup of tea for whatever reason, so he wants to pull the whole tent down.

There has been some chatter out of Phoenix that the Democrats “outmanuevered” the Republicans here and some sort of alchemy was practiced to force the Republicans to put White on the redistricting board. This is laughable for so many reasons, the biggest being it would require the acquiessence of a commission dominated by Brewer’s appointees. The real story here is how flat footed Pearce and the Republicans were in gearing up for this and unprepared they were to find qualified candidates from outside Maricopa County to apply for this board in the first place.

You think this is fun, wait until the commission picks their independent chair…

CLARIFICATION: There is only one Hispanic name among the Democrats on the list, but also an independent Hispanic and one Republican Hispanic. My initial posting implied only one, even though I meant only one available for the Democrats. I have edited the post to clarify this point.