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Sam Steiger

[It is] an irrefutable fact of life that the elected official is regarded by those who elect him as capable of the most flagrant dishonor. – Rep. Sam Steiger Sam Steiger died this week. Steiger served in Congress from 1967-1977, and also did time in the legislature as well as a term as Prescott mayor […]

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was the 90th birthday of former Governor Rose Mofford. Mofford served as governor after the impeachment of Evan Mecham, becoming the first woman to serve in that office. Interestingly, we’ve only had one male governor in the years since she served. Mofford is descended from Croats who had migrated to the mining communities of […]


More and more attention has been paid to the serious/satirical secession movement. Although Paul Eckerstrom’s Facebook group trying to start a “Baja Arizona” movement has been getting a lot of attention, I’d like to point out that my brother has had a similar Facebook group that has been active for several years. Don’t worry, Mad […]

Bob Usdane

Bob Usdane, who served as president of the Arizona State Senate from 1989-1991, has passed away. That was a particular dicey time in Arizona politics, particularly within the Republican party. After having to work as majority leader during the impeachment of Evan Mecham, Usdane became Senate president with his party split between Mecham loyalists (the […]

Me Being a Liberal Bedwetter Again

I heard an actuality this morning on KUAZ where Jan Brewer complained about the unions “importing” people to protest against SB 1070. So, she’s telling us that opposition to 1070 is not being generated by locals, but by nefarious all-powerful labor unions (and probably ACORN, they only want you to think that they closed up […]

It’s That One Peter Gabriel Album Where His Face is Melting on the Cover

I’ve been asked by two R-Cubed fanaticos why I haven’t commented on Humberto Lopez’s recall movement, which he will be kicking off today. Well, I’ve been busy with other politics, okay? It’ll be interesting to see who Lopez manages to get on board with this. Part of the trouble with recalls is that because of […]

Arizona Loses a Record

Quick, who was the longest serving member of Congress? Well, up until this week, you could have proudly mentioned Carl Trumbull Hayden of Tempe. As of this week, however, the good Senator Hayden has lost that distinction to Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Hayden served a term as Sheriff of Maricopa County, then ran for […]

Our Local Angle

There is now starting to be some attention paid to Glenn Beck’s revival of the book The 5,000 Year Leap. On his recommendation this “history” (and I use the term loosely) has become something of a best seller decades after its initial publication. The author of the book was right-wing fabulist W. Cleon Skousen. If […]

Are We STILL Going On About This?

Many of you have been reading about the latest row between Jan Brewer and Terry Goddard. Those of us that have been watching Arizona politics for a while have seen this show before (Evan Mecham versus Bob Corbin, Fife Symington versus Grant Woods) and have also seen how often governors seem to come out on […]

Irony Board

On last night’s Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow did a short bit on how Janet Napolitano’s impeding promotion will leave Arizona with a Republican governor. Maddow noted that we should learn to pay attention to rules about gubernatorial succession. Of course, before a snarky little comment like that, Dr. Maddow should take a look at the recent […]