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BREAKING: Campbell Out

This from Rep. Chad Campbell’s Facebook page: It’s been no secret that for the last few months I have been considering running for Governor of Arizona. Our analysis, as well as independent polling, confirms that I would be in a very strong position if I entered the race. I have talked with Arizonans across the […]

Attention Pundits: This is What Real Bi-Partisanship Looks Like

From House Minority Leader Chad Campbell’s Facebook feed: “Describing mine and Gov. Brewer’s relationship these past couple of years as “frosty” is definitely one way to put it… That being said, I give her credit for taking on Medicaid expansion and some school safety issues in her State of the State speech today. I sincerely […]

Andy Tobin: From Thoughtful Conservative to Partisan Hack

I served in the legislature with House Speaker Andy Tobin (R-Paulden) and I liked the guy. He was first elected in 2006, when he was regarded as a pragmatic conservative in the tradition of the others in the Yavapai County delegation, namely Representative Lucy Mason (R-Prescott) and Senator Tom O’Halleran (R-Sedona). We actually worked together […]

Campbell Calls Out Governor on Prison Contract

Thank you Chad Campbell for shedding some light on la Cervecera’s shady prison deal: Campbell chides Brewer, legislators for wasting tax dollars on for-profit prisons STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX –Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix (District 14), released the following statement after learning the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) was awarded a contract today to build 1,000 new, […]

Cheuvront and Cheuvront Double Down

A couple of months back, a Phoenix politico told me about a poll that showed Ken Cheuvront beating Katie Hobbs. Now I’m hearing reports that Cheuvront is not doing as well anymore, even a few anecdotes of former Cheuvront supporters replacing their yard signs with Hobbs ones. Like I said, that’s anecdotal, but you only […]

Kinda Silly

This week, the State Supreme Court ordered that Jean Cheuvront McDermott could run under both her last names, but that she’d have to do it without the hyphen. Just to back up a bit, McDermott’s son, Ken Cheuvront, is looking to return to the legislature. His trouble is, he’d have to do it by beating […]


I’ve been getting press releases over the last couple of weeks from our leader of the loyal opposition, Chad Campbell. He’s been struggling to make more about the story of Ken Bennett’s “investigation” of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Campbell was trying to make the point that Bennett’s dual roles as front man for Mitt Romney […]

Is is 2014 Already?

I was sent this little clip from Sunday Square Off. In it the three panelists make their prognostications. Phil Gordon, who serves as the panel’s leftist (yeah, liberal media, right?), predicted that the next Gubernatorial showdown will be between Fred DuVal and Ken Bennett. Bennett should have the inside track in a Republican primary. His […]

Because You Demanded It…

…today in Daniel Patterson news. Talk is that Chad Campbell will once again try to get Patterson expelled, possibly by having Terri Proud or Jack Harper introduce the motion. I understand Campbell’s frustration here, but I fail to see what these continued motions are going to do. The Republicans have already agreed to expedite the […]

Something to Consider

Reporter Jim Small got into a short Twitter colloquy last night with Reps. Chad Campbell and Katie Hobbs over what to do with Daniel Patterson. Small’s question was, why skip the process and go for a quick expulsion vote? My question too. Of course, I think Patterson should just resign. It’s become obvious, however, that […]