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Signing Off

Well, I start my new job a week early…sorry for the lack of warning. I’ll be starting today, so this will be my last post for a while. But, parting shots are always necessary: The “Rosemont Referendum” never materialized, but we still see the ads telling us how pulverizing a mountain is good for the […]

Final Darts Thrown Before the Primary: Collins v Carroll

I’m not always the biggest fan of Ray Carroll, but count me as one that will be glad to see him dispatch his opponent, Sean Collins, tomorrow. Collins’s campaign has been mostly centered around the Rosemont Mine. From talking to local Republicans, Collins hasn’t been very good in public appearances. “Dull and inarticulate” is how […]

He Can’t Help Himself

Hat tip to Democratic Diva, here is a picture that Phoenix City Council Member Michael Johnson posted to his Facebook page: You’ll see that Johnson is on the left in the picture and on the right is a certain President of the United States. Friends of his, the Facebook kind, posted comments, including Republican National […]

Ash Joins the Black Helicopter Crowd

Another gem from our favorite Republican talker, Bruce Ash, this time from his Facebook page: Kudos to AZ House member Judy Burges ,Speaker Tobin and Senate President Pierce for their leadership on moving SB 1507 through the Arizona Legislature !! SB 1507 will prohibit the imposition of UN Agenda 21 here in Arizona which an […]

Tucson United People, Like You

This afternoon the City Clerk’s office officially asked Republican pooh bah Bruce Ash to turn over some records from his group Tucson United. The group paid for billboards, mailers and radio ads attacking Democratic candidates and allegedly played fast and loose with reporting requirements. He has until December 27th.

Carmona v Bivens et Cetera

Today comes a story in The Hill headlined “Pentagon blasts Ariz. Senate candidate.” It’s about Richard Carmona’s resignation from the panel that was being set up to study what was going wrong at Dover Air Force Base. I don’t think “blasts” is the right word, but from the article, it sounds like DOD officials were […]

Whew…Glad I Dodged That One

I got my ballot yesterday. I sent it in today before I was attacked by those union thugs and fire hoses that Bruce Ash warned me about.

I Think We Have a Talking Point

There’s that bit in the Arlo Guthrie song “Alice’s Restaurant” when he declares that three people singing in unison is a movement. So, what about two similarly themed alarmist communiques from local Republican pooh bahs? A talking point, of course! Below is the latest missive screed from member of the local Republican szlachta, John Munger. […]

From Our Overwrought Metaphors and Ridiculous Fear Tactics Desk

Tucson just had it’s primary a couple of weeks ago. It was unique because it featured all mail balloting. Turnout in both party primaries was up slightly, an amazing feat since there were very few contested primaries. It was an easy transition for most Tucsonans, since in recent elections two-thirds of voters voted by mail. […]

The Realm of Possibility

I read this morning that the Icecats, officially a student “club team,” has been taken over by the U of A’s Campus Recreation Department and long time owner/coach Leo Golembiewski has been pushed aside. So, when does the legislature get involved in this? I’m sure that Andy Biggs will soon have some bill to make […]