Signing Off

Well, I start my new job a week early…sorry for the lack of warning. I’ll be starting today, so this will be my last post for a while.

But, parting shots are always necessary:

  • The “Rosemont Referendum” never materialized, but we still see the ads telling us how pulverizing a mountain is good for the environment. I suggest that Rosemont change the closing titles on their ads to better show what their improvements will do:

    It’s just a rough draft, but I’m sure they have pros who can work on that.

  • Samuel L. Jackson’s um…creative…GOTV video got some buzz last week. Not among it’s fans is Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, who had this level headed response on his Facebook page:




  • Yeah, Pima Bunch…clever. But the knocks about cronyism would probably be better delivered if not financed by a shadowy group led by a guy who desperately wants his own stop on the local government gravy train.

    By the way, how did they get permission to use the Brady Bunch theme? Or, is there some obscure part of the BMI licensing agreement that allows fair use if you sing the song in a really irritating falsetto?

Okay, enough of that.

Thank you all for the support and yes, even opposition, over the last seven years.

Hasta la proxima. Do zobaczenia.

Final Darts Thrown Before the Primary: Collins v Carroll

I’m not always the biggest fan of Ray Carroll, but count me as one that will be glad to see him dispatch his opponent, Sean Collins, tomorrow. Collins’s campaign has been mostly centered around the Rosemont Mine. From talking to local Republicans, Collins hasn’t been very good in public appearances. “Dull and inarticulate” is how one put it to me. Word to Rosemont’s other put up candidates (I’m looking at you Fernando Gonzales and Tanner Bell), if Rosemont is going to be your one issue, you may want to learn how to talk about it.

The best indications that Collins is going down are the attacks on Carroll’s supporters. It’s funny to watch him go after county treasurer Beth Ford of all people, but having his supporters call out Bruce Ash as a “RINO” for his support of Carroll is, by far, the most entertaining dumb-ass name calling of the cycle, possibly the decade.

Word to local RINO hunters: if you really believe that Ash, the staunchest Republican you’ll meet and the person responsible for some of the nastiest IE campaigns against local Democrats in recent years, is some sort of crypto-liberal, you really, really need to get out more. The stale indoor air is doing something to you.

He Can’t Help Himself

Hat tip to Democratic Diva, here is a picture that Phoenix City Council Member Michael Johnson posted to his Facebook page:

You’ll see that Johnson is on the left in the picture and on the right is a certain President of the United States.

Friends of his, the Facebook kind, posted comments, including Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash:

How many communists are at that table?

I’d think he was kidding around, but given his appearances on Arizona Illustrated, who knows?

Ash Joins the Black Helicopter Crowd

Another gem from our favorite Republican talker, Bruce Ash, this time from his Facebook page:

Kudos to AZ House member Judy Burges ,Speaker Tobin and Senate President Pierce for their leadership on moving SB 1507 through the Arizona Legislature !!

SB 1507 will prohibit the imposition of UN Agenda 21 here in Arizona which an insidious plan by the United Nations to force their governance on our state , counties, municipalities, schools and even neighborhoods.

UN Agenda 21 preaches population control as well as control of where we live and how we live. UN Agenda strips America of our wealth and threatens our sovereignty.

If SB 1507 passes and is signed by Governor Brewer we will join OK,NH,MS and TN in passge of this important legislation to protect our liberty and way of life.

This is a must pass piece of legislation.

Agenda 21, by the way, involves encouraging local governments to enact sustainable development plans. Near as I can tell, there is no enforcement mechanism, no coercion, no jack booted thugs. The bill itself is three paragraphs and probably unenforceable. This “must pass” piece of legislation does, well, nothing. But hey, it lets folks like Bruce Ash sound the alarm and flap their jowls. Next up, he’ll be stopping the Amero.

I’m sure, though, that Bruce’s argument here is carefully reasoned and involved researching every last fact. But, wait, what’s this in the first comment on his post:

Robert Burges: She’s a State Senator now Bruce.

Couldn’t have gotten something so simple wrong, could he? He always cares about the facts.

Carmona v Bivens et Cetera

Today comes a story in The Hill headlined “Pentagon blasts Ariz. Senate candidate.” It’s about Richard Carmona’s resignation from the panel that was being set up to study what was going wrong at Dover Air Force Base. I don’t think “blasts” is the right word, but from the article, it sounds like DOD officials were unaware that Carmona was thinking of running for senate. Given how well documented his ruminations were for the past couple of months, it makes me wonder what other obvious things the Pentagon misses these days.

It gives you a reason or two why things like the current Dover scandal happen, eh?

So, on to Carmona v Bivens v Crowe v…I dunno who else.

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I Think We Have a Talking Point

There’s that bit in the Arlo Guthrie song “Alice’s Restaurant” when he declares that three people singing in unison is a movement.

So, what about two similarly themed alarmist communiques from local Republican pooh bahs? A talking point, of course!

Below is the latest missive screed from member of the local Republican szlachta, John Munger. In it, he declares that Tucson is just like Selma circa 1959. He even goes so far as saying that “uppity” Republicans like him are being punished.

Yeah, he said “uppity.”

I usually try to have a hearty laugh at conservatives calling themselves victims. But Bruce Ash and John Munger claiming to be just like the guys that got their heads bashed in on the Edmund Pettus Bridge? There is something downright vomit inducing about a couple wealthy white guys making that comparison.

Munger, Ash and company can bloviate about the unfairness all they want, but the system Tucson has has survived several court challenges and Justice Department scrutiny (under both Republican and Democratic administrations). Also, the system elected in recent years Steve Kozachik, Kathleen Dunbar and Fred Ronstadt. All of them won city wide and all representing very Democratic wards that it is doubtful any could have been elected in. The dissatisfaction that elected Kozachik came close to electing two more Republicans, and could have had the local party been better organized to support their candidates. Heck, they might have done better in one race if they had recruited a decent candidate rather than making random phone calls to track down someone that would fill the ballot line.

The funny part is, if we went to a ward only system, you’d have four bulletproof wards likely electing very liberal candidates who would have no reason to moderate because they would never need to appeal to more conservative East Side voters. If that ever happened, Ash and Munger would likely come up with another whiny argument about how unfair life is to them and their buddies down at the country club.

Munger’s silliness is after the jump:

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From Our Overwrought Metaphors and Ridiculous Fear Tactics Desk

Tucson just had it’s primary a couple of weeks ago. It was unique because it featured all mail balloting. Turnout in both party primaries was up slightly, an amazing feat since there were very few contested primaries.

It was an easy transition for most Tucsonans, since in recent elections two-thirds of voters voted by mail.

What we didn’t notice, apparently, that this was a secret plot to keep people from voting. Yep, it’s tantamount to poll taxes and voter intimidating rifle clubs.

So says Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash, in some ads he plans to run on local radio stations:

Think back to a time when our country was racked with political turmoil because voters were dis enfranchised through the south.

Those scenes of chaos are vivid. Democrat official and Police Chief Bull Connor’s fire hoses and angry dogs attacking peaceful demonstrators.

What do Tucson , Arizona today and Selma , Alabama in the 1960’s have in common ?? The tyranny of the many imposed by the democrat majority.

The Tucson election in 2011 is infected with the same disease that once plagued the democrat Jim Crow South . The democrat majority in Tucson have fixed city elections . If you are are a Republican or an Independent you have been dis-enfranchised in Tucson council elections because you can’t vote for your own ward’s council member. Hence one party rule in Tucson for over 40 years.

We are living with the sickening results .

Now the dem city council has imposed ALL MAIL IN ballots to seal their scheme to send their union goons to “pick up the ballots”, a process that destroys the secret ballot which finally destroyed the old big city machines.

Are you sick of the mess in Tucson?

Then VOTE your ballot!!

Republican and Independent voters……Make your decision and VOTE to end the tyranny of the democrats who have ruined our home town. End the corruption of one party rule. We ARE still FREE men and women.

I don’t even know where to start.

The Realm of Possibility

I read this morning that the Icecats, officially a student “club team,” has been taken over by the U of A’s Campus Recreation Department and long time owner/coach Leo Golembiewski has been pushed aside.

So, when does the legislature get involved in this? I’m sure that Andy Biggs will soon have some bill to make it impossible for the U of A to do this. He’ll put the management of the club where he thinks it belongs: in the hands of a committee picked by his fellow legislators. How long before we get the overwrought, cynical missive from Bruce Ash decrying the U of A’s takeover of one of its own institutions? No doubt, it’s being done because someone that Ash doesn’t like wants to run for something. Right?

Not like they have ever thought of doing this in reaction to any such action by the University, of course.