Politicians in Trouble that Aren’t Named Daniel Patterson, Part 2

We were all horribly astonished that Joe Arpaio declared that he will not cooperate with federal officials on a probe of his office.

I mean, it wasn’t too long ago that he said he would, right?

The New Times has a bit on the response from Maricopa County Attorney and Arpaio henchman Bill Montgomery in which he calls Justice Department assertions that Arpaio’s misrule has had a “negative impact” on County residents “reckless.”

Of course Montgomery thinks it’s “reckless.” He looks around and doesn’t see his neighbors getting rousted by sweeps. He and his friends aren’t the ones that get pulled over and made to prove they are American. It’s gotta be “reckless”: no one he cares about has had a bad run in with Arpaio and his deputies.

Montgomery and company don’t see the folks on the wrong end of Arpaio’s so-called law enforcement and political vendettas as residents just as deserving rights and protection as they are. The biggest problem is too many Maricopa Coutny voters agree with them.

Sauce for the Goose Department

I’ve been wondering for a while when there would finally be some attention paid to Rick Stertz. There have been attacks on IRC chairman Colleen Mathis supposed connections to the Democratic Party that are, at best, tenuous. The press has been more than happy to buy into the partisan attacks on Mathis and the commission process, but have let allegations against Stertz go unaddressed (I’ve been writing about them since before he was appointed). Something else unaddressed: Stertz is a key source of information for Tom Horne’s ongoing jihad against his fellow commissioners Mathis and José Herrera.

With him pulling this sort of monkey wrenching, I wonder if Stertz is as disinterested in the IRC process continuing the way the voters intended as Terri Proud and Andy Tobin are.

Well, that probably ends today. The Arizona Democratic Party has sent a letter to the Attorney General, Pima County Attorney and Maricopa County Attorney, alleging that he:

[W]ithheld information regarding his political affiliations, employer and business disclosure from Mr. Stertz’s spouse and children, tax information, accusations of fraud, and judgments. A sworn statement was submitted to the Commission of Appellate Appointments where the facts where omitted.

Bill Montgomery and Horne will ignore it, and the Star will run an editorial blaming both sides for Stertz’s omissions.

All Tax and Spend Liberals, Probably Sell-Outs to ACORN Too

I’ve posted a letter sent to all members of the House and Senate from Joe Arpaio, Andy Kunasek and Bill Montgomery decrying the budget currently making it through the legislature.

You read those names right.

In it, the three Maricopa County officials make the same points that many Democrats and local officials have been making: that cities and counties will have to make massive cuts in services, including critical emergency services, and will have to raise taxes. Golly, this means that even Republicans know this. The ones that actually are responsible for governing, at least.

Worth pointing out here is that Arpaio is complaining about the fiscal short sightedness of people he campaigned for, and will no doubt campaign for again.