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Who is Keyser Söze?

What I should tell folks is that during the hiatus of this blog, I have been in regular touch with the commenter who called himself Republitard. I guess he did not know that it has started back up, because he sent me this email just the other day. I edited this to save him embarrassment […]

Take That, Dolan

This is the first election in a while where I’ve seen a big chunk of my Church’s hierarchy throw in so blatantly for one candidate. So, how has the “never mind that social gospel, there’s a gay guy out to ruin your marriage and hand out birth control” thing worked out for the partisan bishops? […]

Quick Take

I can see the problem with these polls. Obviously, they are talking to too many people who will be voting for Barack Obama. They need to take some more time and look for more Mitt Romney voters. They are out there.

About That…

I guess it’s time for me to weigh in fully on this one. I get the conservative argument on the welfare state: dependency is bad for the poor long term, and conservatives hope to free up capital so that businesses will expand and people will be hired, and there won’t be so many poor people. […]


The funniest part of Gabrielle Saucedo Mercer’s response to the kerfuffle over her racist comments in an interview she did for a far right website is her assertion that the video was doctored by Raúl Grijalva’s campaign. It’s funny because the video that’s circulating is the one that was posted by the publication that interviewed […]

Now That’s What I Call Racism

Jan Brewer accused Barack Obama of “race baiting” this morning and was angry about accusations of bigotry. Being accused by la Cervecera of race baiting is a bit like being accused by Randy Travis of public intoxication. Since her side is free of race baiting and bigotry, I’m sure she’d be more than happy to […]

Well, Not First…

Website got some attention this week for their finding that Barack Obama is descended from an African-American slave. Interestingly, this ancestor is on his mother’s side of the family. Something in the release from struck me: A research team from, the world’s largest online family history resource, has concluded that President Barack […]

Nie Wierzcie Elektrykom

I’ve been getting grief from my liberal friends about Lech Wałęsa’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. Some of this is over what he regards as a personal slight from Barack Obama; some of it is because of Wałęsa’s stongly held social conservatism. Solidarność, the labor movement he once headed, doesn’t share Wałęsa’s enthusiasm for Romney. They […]

He Knows How Silly He Looks, Right?

Joe Arpaio has scheduled yet another press conference for Tuesday to tell all of us what his “cold case posse” has found out about the circumstances of Barack Obama’s birth. He promises it will be “breathtaking.” What’s breathtaking is that this baboso continues to be taken seriously as a political and law enforcement figure by […]

Memo for Jon Kyl

Don’t criticize the President for the failure for an immigration compromise in 2007 when he voted for the bill and you filibustered it. All this stuff is on record and kind of easy to find these days.