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DuVal Steps Aside

One bit of news emerged from today’s Democratic Party meeting: National Committeeman Fred DuVal announced he is resigning his membership in the DNC. DuVal was recently elected President of the Board of Regents. The two roles would have been hard enough to juggle in any event, but it’s been made harder now that members of […]

Democratic Party Meeting

I’ll be going to the State Democratic Party meeting today. I don’t expect much to happen, so I’ll spare y’all the live blogging.

Well, That Was Fun

I want to thank everyone that attended for making sure that yesterday’s meeting went relatively smoothly. It turns out that Jeff Latas and temporary chair Fred DuVal worked out the terms of much of the procedural debate before the meeting. I was one of many who saw their conversation at a distance and it looked […]

I Relent and Live Blog

19:27 Oh, sorry. I’m signing off. 18:28 Maguire elected by acclamation. 18:27 Rick Maguire is nominated for yet another term as treasurer. He’s been treasurer since Mark Fleischer was chair. He’s done a good job in a thankless position. 18:26 Thomas wins, 240 – 171. She is a favorite for members of the progressive caucus. […]

An Open Letter to…

Years ago, I was the regional director for the Mountain States for the Young Democrats of America. One day I open up my e-mail to find that the leaders of the Oklahoma chapter decided, in a fit of pique against their own regional director, to mess with me. It kinda ticked me off. I kept […]

Cherny In

I just heard that former nominee for Treasurer Andrei Cherny has thrown in for Chairman of the State Democratic Party.

Now a Contest?

I’ve been hearing a lot of grousing from folks up in Phoenix about Rodney Glassman running for Democratic party chairman. The grousing is not so much from state committee members who actually have a vote on this thing, but fundraisers, elected officials and others who form the establishment penumbra around the state committee and its […]

Short Report from the State Democratic Meeting

Just to keep it brief, two items from the State Democratic Party meeting in Phoenix: – Felecia Rotellini spoke before the Latino Caucus and pledged to keep a watchful eye on Tom Horne and said that she’d be maintaining her website (possibly renaming it) to let people know what is going on with Horne’s office. […]

State Chair Follies: 2011 Edition

Is Don Bivens running for re-election for Democratic Party chair? He’s been a bit vague about it, saying he’d run if people want him to. When he was first elected, it was seen as Terry Goddard’s assertion of authority over the party in preparation for his run for governor. With Goddard not being elected and […]

Gosar to Voters: You’re Morons

The Arizona Democratic Party is slamming Paul Gosar for his criticism of the 17th Amendment. Here he is, as quoted by them, at an event with Hugh Hewitt: There’s an unintended consequence when you change this document (holds up a copy of the Constitution). I bring up the 17th Amendment. … Prior to the 17th […]