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Andy Tobin: From Thoughtful Conservative to Partisan Hack

I served in the legislature with House Speaker Andy Tobin (R-Paulden) and I liked the guy. He was first elected in 2006, when he was regarded as a pragmatic conservative in the tradition of the others in the Yavapai County delegation, namely Representative Lucy Mason (R-Prescott) and Senator Tom O’Halleran (R-Sedona). We actually worked together […]

From Our “Put On Your Feathers, Ese…” Desk

Remember back in 2010 when two escapees from a private prison near Kingman murdered a couple in New Mexico? Our State’s leaders are hoping you don’t. To recap, the incident at a prison run by Management and Training Corporation (who re-enter our story later) highlighed connections between the private prison industry and the governor’s office […]

And They Are Still Complaining…

I was forwarded an op-ed from the Arizona Republic by Ruben Gallego that was a response to a piece by Andy Tobin about the redistricting process. Yes, folks, Tobin and his friends are still complaining. For those that need a rundown, redistricting in Arizona is done by a independent panel appointed by both the Democratic […]

What Ever Happened to…?

One of the interesting side bars from this week’s ouster of two members of the Rio Nuevo Board is that Jonathan Paton has still not been replaced on that body. Paton is currently running for congress in CD 1. How are things going in that race? Well, kind of sluggish. His first quarter fundraising was […]

Post Mortem

Monday, Speaker Andy Tobin announced that he isn’t going to run for congress. In his press release he talked about work that he’s left undone. Yeah, that’s exactly what the rest of us were afraid of. The budget got signed yesterday has already generated the threat of a lawsuit. It turns out that $50 million […]

Ash Joins the Black Helicopter Crowd

Another gem from our favorite Republican talker, Bruce Ash, this time from his Facebook page: Kudos to AZ House member Judy Burges ,Speaker Tobin and Senate President Pierce for their leadership on moving SB 1507 through the Arizona Legislature !! SB 1507 will prohibit the imposition of UN Agenda 21 here in Arizona which an […]

Something to Consider

Reporter Jim Small got into a short Twitter colloquy last night with Reps. Chad Campbell and Katie Hobbs over what to do with Daniel Patterson. Small’s question was, why skip the process and go for a quick expulsion vote? My question too. Of course, I think Patterson should just resign. It’s become obvious, however, that […]

Just When You Thought the Whining Stopped

At the height of the Republican pity party over redistricting, I asked how many districts for the Republicans would be fair. That’s because despite the hollering and blubbering about “unfairness,” they did pretty well: fifteen or sixteen Republican legislative districts depending on how one chooses to measure such things. For the math challenged among you […]

Sauce for the Goose Department

I’ve been wondering for a while when there would finally be some attention paid to Rick Stertz. There have been attacks on IRC chairman Colleen Mathis supposed connections to the Democratic Party that are, at best, tenuous. The press has been more than happy to buy into the partisan attacks on Mathis and the commission […]


So, we are still hearing complaints from Republican office holders about the Independent Redistricting Committee. The root of these complaints is legislators seem to be under the mistaken impression that the IRC is obligated to keep them in safe districts. The ongoing complaint about the hiring of Strategic Telemetry, a firm that has done work […]