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Wow…the state party meeting went over three hours and not one speaker made a joke about Brett Mecum?

Y’all are slipping.

Live Blogging Today?

There may be a little controversy at the state party meeting today, but I don’t think I will be live blogging. Sorry folks.

In a bit of other news: earlier this week, Don Bivens announced that he would be unable to attend the meeting due to a court case he was involved in. As it turns out, he will be there to preside over the meeting. Also, he stated that there will be no announcement about the new executive director. Some of the karmazyny were trying to entice the executive director of the Ohio Democratic Party here, but that effort failed and delayed the selection process.

Diamondbacks Fire Melvin

Wow, they can do that? Can they fire Jack Harper and Russell Pearce too?

A Penny for Your Schools

Penny KottermanI find it amazing that with the current round of budget cuts, any one would want to run the public school system in this state. But, the Democrats now have two candidates for that office with former AEA Vice President Penny Kotterman joining 2006 candidate Jason Williams in the contest:

Dear fellow Democrats,

Recently, I filed my campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2010. This is an exciting prospect for me, and one I have considered for a number of years. As a long time teacher, mentor and public education advocate, I know that having someone who really understands public education, from the classroom to the policy decisions that impact our kids, our teachers and our schools, is critically important to the success of public education in our state.

These are turbulent times for all of us in public education and in Arizona. This has been a year of uncertainty and unprecedented cuts to public education. That battle still rages. But I believe strong, thoughtful and committed leadership at all levels of government can craft solutions-that together we can be innovative and take the risks necessary to secure the bright future all Arizona children deserve. We CAN change the conversation about PUBLIC education and focus our efforts on supporting our children and our communities. We CAN have high standards and high expectations for our children and our schools, and WE can define accountability in a manner that is based on common sense approaches that honor the uniqueness of each and every child.

I will meet many of you this weekend at the State Committee meeting, and I look forward to travelling throughout the state and meeting the rest of you in the coming months. I have the experience and the qualifications to be Superintendent of Public Instruction, and I know I can run a successful and credible campaign. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you and hearing yours. I hope you will visit our preliminary website at to find out more and volunteer, as well as visit our as well as visit our Facebook forum to contribute your thoughts about what you believe is important about education in Arizona.

I look forward to this challenge!

Penny A. Kotterman

Come On Greg, Really?

Greg Patterson Earlier this week, I was going to write a post about Greg Patterson’s laughable assertion that Bob Grossfeld, a man who worked on the gubernatorial campaigns of Paul Johnson and served as head of the Arizona DLC, was a “a hard left Democratic operative by anyone’s definition.” But, I put it off and now Patterson has an even better whopper:

There is a far left conspiracy against Brett Mecum.

No, these guys didn’t force Mecum to drive at 109 miles an hour down the 101. Instead, there is a conspiracy of DPS head Roger Vanderpool (a Janet Napolitano appointee, so he must be shady, right?) and Bart Graves to besmirch the record of the sweet, innocent Mecum.


Come On Guys, Really?

Brett MecumI had my bit of fun at Brett Mecum’s expense yesterday. Truth is, this matter is not something that is insurmountable for the State Republican Party. They’ll put the guy on administrative leave or something similar, maybe things will be hard to run around the office for a bit, but these aren’t long term difficulties.

What I think is more of a problem is this matter with Republican Professionals, a group of Republicans that get together for happy hours up in Phoenix. Not so much with the group specifically, but it indicates a big problem with the leadership of Randy Pullen and his cadre.


Come On Walt, Really?

Karin UhlichIn response to my post yesterday on Karin Uhlich and how many signatures she turned in, Walt Stephenson said:

Any ACORN or paid “volunteers” as I’ve been told?


Yes, we bring up ACORN again. Because bringing up ACORN gets so many votes for Republican candidates…by that I really mean it generates so much traffic for NewsMax.


Shh, Don’t Tell Steve Farley

My vast network of operatives in Phoenix tell me that Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum’s arrest today was due to his being clocked at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour by one of those DPS “photo radar” vans that we have all grown so fond of.

One of R-Cubed’s few but highly valued Republican operatives sent this pic of Mecum, from his no doubt soon to be edited Twitter site. Wow, looks like a safe and attentive driver.

Brett Mecum

Traitor Vic?

Vic WilliamsYet another note on yesterday’s budget vote: Vic Williams has been styled one of those “moderate Republicans” who would stand up to attempts to eviscerate our education system. As late as last Friday, he was talking some occasional sense on the issue.

Well, guess who voted for the budget, including $700 million in cuts to education, yesterday?

I’m only giving you one guess.


From the Arizona Guardian:

The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was arrested this morning at party headquarters in Phoenix.

It was unclear what the charge against Brett Mecum might be, but he was expected to arraigned later today.

I’m poking around for details.

UPDATE: Politico Mafioso, which has been critical of the leadership of Randy Pullen and his staff for some time now, made some allegations yesterday about Mecum and some dealings with the group Republican Professionals. Probably nothing there that would earn an arrest. The rumor in Phoenix is that this has something to do with a traffic warrant.