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Come On Greg, Really?

Greg Patterson Earlier this week, I was going to write a post about Greg Patterson’s laughable assertion that Bob Grossfeld, a man who worked on the gubernatorial campaigns of Paul Johnson and served as head of the Arizona DLC, was a “a hard left Democratic operative by anyone’s definition.” But, I put it off and now Patterson has an even better whopper:

There is a far left conspiracy against Brett Mecum.

No, these guys didn’t force Mecum to drive at 109 miles an hour down the 101. Instead, there is a conspiracy of DPS head Roger Vanderpool (a Janet Napolitano appointee, so he must be shady, right?) and Bart Graves to besmirch the record of the sweet, innocent Mecum.


Come On Guys, Really?

Brett MecumI had my bit of fun at Brett Mecum’s expense yesterday. Truth is, this matter is not something that is insurmountable for the State Republican Party. They’ll put the guy on administrative leave or something similar, maybe things will be hard to run around the office for a bit, but these aren’t long term difficulties.

What I think is more of a problem is this matter with Republican Professionals, a group of Republicans that get together for happy hours up in Phoenix. Not so much with the group specifically, but it indicates a big problem with the leadership of Randy Pullen and his cadre.


Come On Walt, Really?

Karin UhlichIn response to my post yesterday on Karin Uhlich and how many signatures she turned in, Walt Stephenson said:

Any ACORN or paid “volunteers” as I’ve been told?


Yes, we bring up ACORN again. Because bringing up ACORN gets so many votes for Republican candidates…by that I really mean it generates so much traffic for NewsMax.


Shh, Don’t Tell Steve Farley

My vast network of operatives in Phoenix tell me that Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum’s arrest today was due to his being clocked at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour by one of those DPS “photo radar” vans that we have all grown so fond of.

One of R-Cubed’s few but highly valued Republican operatives sent this pic of Mecum, from his no doubt soon to be edited Twitter site. Wow, looks like a safe and attentive driver.

Brett Mecum

Traitor Vic?

Vic WilliamsYet another note on yesterday’s budget vote: Vic Williams has been styled one of those “moderate Republicans” who would stand up to attempts to eviscerate our education system. As late as last Friday, he was talking some occasional sense on the issue.

Well, guess who voted for the budget, including $700 million in cuts to education, yesterday?

I’m only giving you one guess.


From the Arizona Guardian:

The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was arrested this morning at party headquarters in Phoenix.

It was unclear what the charge against Brett Mecum might be, but he was expected to arraigned later today.

I’m poking around for details.

UPDATE: Politico Mafioso, which has been critical of the leadership of Randy Pullen and his staff for some time now, made some allegations yesterday about Mecum and some dealings with the group Republican Professionals. Probably nothing there that would earn an arrest. The rumor in Phoenix is that this has something to do with a traffic warrant.

Knee Slapper

The legislative budget proposal that passed the House appropriations committee yesterday retained the tax increment financing for Rio Nuevo, but re-drew the district boundaries so there would be hardly any revenue collected.

Those guys…such great practical jokers, aren’t they?

The Latest Farley Report, Plus Bonus Patterson Tweets

I gotta give credit to both Steve Farley and Daniel Patterson for keeping us down here informed about the goings on at the capitol. Both aren’t going to win many votes, but just like a Roman politician who can’t get things through the Senate, you gotta turn to the Plebeian Tribunes. Yes, I can be pretentious. It’s Wednesday.

Thanks to R-Cuber Jane for linking Daniel Patterson’s Twitter Feed. I was not able to post a link here due to technical problems, but you can still take a look if you’d like a minute by minute account of what went on yesterday.

And, as per usual, there is the weekly Farley Report. After the jump is the latest one, written shortly after the appropriations committee passed the budget. Here’s the money quote:

As these bills cleared his committee on a party-line vote and headed to the floor, Rep. John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills), the Appropriations Chair, used his explanation of vote not to justify his budget, but to personally attack Democrats.

He launched into a vituperative tirade in which he explained to us that “Democrats are myopic. They only propose restoring programs, and they never look beyond the next year.” He lectured us that we don’t understand the severity of the budget problem, and we supposedly have no solution nor ideas for how to balance the budget.

As anyone can point out to Kavanagh, the Democrats have had a budget proposal out there for weeks. Hearing a member of the legislative leadership complaining that Democrats are thinking short term is laughable, especially given that their budget is balanced, in part, based on “fund sweeps” and other short term gimickry. Also, it begs the question, if Kavanagh and his allies think this is such a huge crisis, why is he both cutting taxes and laying off the people at the Department of Revenue that collect delinquent taxes? What do I know, I’m a myopic Democrat.

“Myopic” apparently means you get your economic and budgetary ideas from something other than ALEC newsletters and signs at teabagger rallies. “Myopia” is seeing that there are folks in our state that don’t show up to Republican district meetings in Fountain Hills and they deserve to be represented too.


Uhlich to File Today

Karin UhlichKarin Uhlich will be filing her nomination petitions today in her bid for re-election. Her campaign is saying that they will be filing the maximum amount of signatures (437) at the City Clerk’s office this morning. Today is only the third day of the month long window for candidates to file their petitions.

We Had Teabagging, Will We Now Have Shrooming?

Arizona BillThe Republicans say that they have the votes to get their budget through the house appropriations committee today. Whether this means they have enough to get it through the full house remains to be seen.

There has been talk of a group styled the “Mushroom Coalition” of Republican members who have been disatisfied with the budget process and who could, so the theory goes, not march with the rest of the caucus. Not all are moderates, by the way. The reports I’ve heard name conservative members who are ticked at leadership for not keeping them in the loop, as well as people who are concerned about the electoral consequences of so many cuts in popular programs.