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It Is Past Time To Look Beyond Tax Cuts As An Economic Development Strategy

It is actually an old story, but it has gained some currency due to the highly visible StartUpNY campaign out of the State of New York’s economic development office. We have all seen the ads. One of them features an outfit called Valutek, who recently  left Arizona for Upstate New York. Valutek, a firm that […]

Three Sonorans Might Actually Have A Point Here

So, anyway, last week, David “Three Sonorans” Morales posted this on his Facebook page: At first, I saw this and wanted to respond by pointing out that David’s memory seems to be too short for him to recall the Democratic opposition to SB1070 and HB2281. But then, I realized that, though his comments about Democrats […]

Help Britt Farbo Go To DC

Folks who have been active in Baja Arizona Democratic politics for a while probably remember Britt Farbo, the feisty badass from the Sulphur Springs Valley who made her mark on the Young Democrats back in the aughts. Since then, she has led a wandering life of adventure, including a stint in DC with EMILY’s List, […]

Yes Day: Vote Early and Often

Voting in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Online Fan Poll lasts only a few more days. For Tucsonans, two choices are obvious. First, we are going to vote for Linda Ronstadt. Second, we are going to vote for guitar demigod and one-time Tucsonan Link Wray. Wray had a special place in his heart […]

La Ironía Es Un Plato Que Se Sirve Frío

For a blogger, discussing foreign affairs is strictly an academic exercise, sort of like complaining about our summer heat in Tucson. Nonetheless, sometimes, the irony of a situation is so rich that one must indulge his inner nerd and comment. Last week, the news came that Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo y Marfil, using […]

Trolls on Auto-Pilot

Online comment sections are generally regarded as a miasma of ignorance, malice, and outright lies which makes one wonder why so many publications think it necessary to have them. They may have started as a noble experiment, but the forums quickly degenerated into a platform for socially inept malcontents whose rantings are too poorly sourced […]

Senator Jackson’s New Job is Actually a Very Big Deal

On Sunday, came the news that my former colleague, State Senator Jack Jackson Jr., a Democrat who has ably represented Tony Hillerman Country in the Arizona Legislature for a total of 6 years, will be resigning to accept a post in the State Department. A Presidential appointee, Jackson’s official title will be  Senior Advisor and […]

Who Was This Pablo de la Guerra, Anyway?

I try to make a point not to read the Arizona Republic for a variety of reasons, but David Safier’s post over at Blog For Arizona prompted me to check out this morning’s eloquent op-ed by Senator Alfredo Gutierrez. Because I am a masochist, I checked out the comments and found them to be mostly […]

Ben Buehler-Garcia: The Valiant Little Taylor

It probably tells you everything that is wrong with the Republican Party in Pima County that the hopeless candidacy of the clueless Mike Polak has generated more excitement among their activist base than the candidacy of a guy who nearly won 4 years ago. Like Steve Kozachik, Ben Buehler-García distinguishes himself from most Republicans by […]

Beware of Democrats Cutting Unproductive Deals

Rumor has it that Senate President Andy Biggs (R-Atlas Shrugged) will be unveiling a “Tea Party” budget later today. Among other things, it reportedly includes a petulant $15 million cut to the Universities, and does not include the Governor’s proposed Medicaid expansion, despite the fact that it has bipartisan support. The proposed budget was apparently […]