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Category Archives: Tucson City Politics

McClusky Out…or Is He?

So, after today’s hearing, Shaun McClusky dropped out of the race for mayor. If you need a summary of his press release: they forced me out but I screwed up. And Jeff Rogers is mean. So it’s over, right? Not quite. The hearing is still scheduled for tomorrow. His attorneys suggested that they may make […]

Okay, That’s Weird

Just got a report back from a status hearing in the case about Shaun McClusky’s petition signatures. I’m waiting for some more details, but McClusky’s attorneys say that they’d like to withdraw McClusky’s petitions. That is, pretend he never filed in the first place. They are denying that this has anything to do with making […]

Darcy Out

Well, it was the bottom of the twelfth and…you know how that worked out before. A judge has ruled that independent Pat Darcy does not have enough signatures to appear on the ballot as a candidate for mayor. He was a pitcher for a National League team. I’m sure he’s been called out plenty of […]

McClusky Hearing Tomorrow

Where do I start? Shaun McClusky sent out an e-mail last week begging for folks to come to a phone bank so he could raise money for the court challenge of his petitions. His attorney is former gubernatorial candidate John Munger, who apparently hasn’t yet told him that there aren’t too many concievable defenses here. […]

Asta la Vista…

Ron Asta has been struck from the Republican Primary ballot after a challenge from the family of Jennifer Reeves, the high school senior who was killed in a car accident caused by Asta in 1994. Asta did not contest the evidence against the signatures he filed, subsequently the court ruled that he could not be […]

Out at Home?

Word is that Marshall Home has withdrawn from the mayor’s race. Stay tuned to KZAZ for updates and watch George Borozan at ten for the complete story.


Given that I used to work with the guy and we played soccer together, I’ll just take issue with one part of this morning’s rant that Josh Brodesky had in the Star about the state of city government and politics. His complaint about the lack of scrutiny given to the presumed front runner Jonathan Rothschild […]

Jonathan Rothschild On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

I got reports back from the hearing on Marshall Home’s claim that Jonathan Rothschild is inelligible for the ballot. Home has ratcheted things up. His initial filing claimed that as an attorney, Rothschild can’t run for office. In court today, he doubled down and said that Rothschild is an agent of a foreign power: the […]

Following the Rules

I get eTracks, our local Republican party’s electronic newsletter (For Freedom!). The latest is an appeal from local mahout Brian Miller for money based on the legal challenges to Republican nominating petitions. Money quote: Defending against these legal challenges will cost our candidates money and time, while Rogers—a lawyer—will be able to launch and fund […]

Kinda Dull

Yesterday, I got an e-mail detailing mayoral candidate Marshall Home’s felony convictions. I’m sure that this will generate talk amongst our political chatterers, maybe even a story or two in our local papers. But, here is something that I think is even more interesting. These are the numbers of signatures turned in by some of […]