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Category Archives: Tucson City Politics

The Empty Suit

To use a well-worn paraphrase of Mark Twain, there are lies, damned lies, and campaign rhetoric. The last category includes those easily refutable throwaway little fibs that inevitably arise during a problematic candidacy. One example of this comes involves the financials of the increasingly quixotic campaign of Ward III Republican Council candidate Ben Buehler-Garcia. As […]

Breaking: Frank Antenori is a Windbag

Back in January, when Councilman Steve Kozachik announced that he was becoming a Democrat after being forced out of the local Republican Party for the high crime of listening to his constituents, the perpetually constipated former State Senator Frank Antenori (R-Not Tucson) announced not simply that he was recruiting a candidate, but that there already […]

Tom Horne Drops The Ball. The Star Stupidly Blames The City Council.

This week, there was a settlement in the State of Arizona’s case against two Tucson Transportation Department supervisors who misappropriated at least $83000 in public resources for personal gain. They will each have to pay just $5000 to the city. This result is a failing by state, rather than city, officials. This fact cannot be […]

ADI Swipes Story and Still Gets It Wrong

To quote Truman Capote: “That’s not writing, that’s typing.” There is talk among the happy bunch over at Blog for Arizona that some response has to be made to a recent post at the Arizona Daily Independent regarding the discussion that happened last week after my post making a case for why my friend, Representative […]

Elections Are Expensive. Let’s Just Not Have Them.

It was only a few weeks ago when City Councilman Kozachik announced that he was leaving the Republican Party to become a Democrat. Among the things that led to his split with the Republicans were the Legislature’s consistent attacks on local governance, in Tucson in particular. So, it may come as some surprise that, in […]

The Great and Powerful Koz

The conventional wisdom about political parties in local elections is that they are irrelevant. The saying goes something like “there is no Republican or Democratic way to pick up the garbage.” Emil Franzi, the one-time Republican Rasputin turned columnist best known to Old Pueblo political geezers as the man most responsible for Ed Moore’s takeover […]

A Bit of Good News

I attended the City Council’s study session yesterday. One of the items was transit, which brought out the Bus Riders Union. For those who don’t know about the Bus Riders Union, it was organized last year by Brian Flagg of Casa Maria to represent the interests of poor and working class riders that depend on […]

Department of Serendipity

Today is the birthday of Ward 5 councilman Richard Fimbres. It is also the birthday of former Ward 5 councilman Steve Leal. I don’t know when Roy Laos’s birthday is. Is this part of some obscure requirement of the charter slipped in by Henry Jaastad at some point? Poco Bravo ought to get on that.

Is it 180 days already?

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild released a progress report today on his 180 day work plan. He’s touting accomplishments like appointing a small business advocate and streamlining regulatory and permitting processes. In case you are wondering what is going on with Rothschild’s opponent from the last election, he just got booted from the Rio Nuevo board. The […]

Tucson United People, Like You

This afternoon the City Clerk’s office officially asked Republican pooh bah Bruce Ash to turn over some records from his group Tucson United. The group paid for billboards, mailers and radio ads attacking Democratic candidates and allegedly played fast and loose with reporting requirements. He has until December 27th.