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Category Archives: Pima County Politics

This Makes Them Worse Than RINOs

Did you know that Republican Pima County Supervisor candidates Ally Miller and Stuart McDaniel are actually Democrats? No, it’s true. Here the print edition of this morning’s Star:

What, Nothing About the Black Helicopters?

It’s not often you hear a candidate for sheriff say he can’t do much about violent crime. Republican sheriff candidate Terry Frederick gets extra points for injecting anti-UN into this: Terry Frederick’s Prayers Go Out To Our Fellow Americans The horrors of the shootings in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, remind us that our […]

Ich Bin Ein…

Sometimes, Pima County District 5 is called a “West Side” district. It takes in a big chunk of Western Tucson, including places like Barrio Anita, Menlo Park and Old Pascua. But, there is a strip of the district that takes in a pretty hefty chunk of midtown. The district goes pretty far, its frontier tickling […]

Both Sides Now…

One of the laziest constructions in our political dialog is the assertion that “both sides do it.” Yes, if you want to point out something like “both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are raising millions from Wall Street”, then yes, it makes sense. But something like “both sides use the filibuster” when it’s been used […]

Just for Kicks, Google “Pele Massa”

So, why the bruhaha over Ted Nugent? I guess he’d get more attention for his music if he’d done anything notable since Damn Yankees broke up, and even that was of dubious value. He definitely crossed some lines with his comments, so much so that even the NRA is trying to get some distance. The […]

The Greatest? Um. About that…

I recieved the latest newsletter from State Representative and county supervisor candidate Vic Williams. He entitles it “Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee.” Yep, when I think of Muhammad Ali, the first image that comes to mind is Vic Williams. Did you know that just like Ali, Williams is the name he adopted […]

Bond Committee Meeting Fun

I’m headed off to a meeting of the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee today. My understanding is that Terri Proud and some other sponsors of a bill to cripple the county’s ability to sell bonds will be there. The bill would give Sahuarita, Oro Valley and Marana the ability to effectively veto projects. Ostensibly, this […]

Now He Tells Us

Rep. Vic Williams has a post up on his blog decrying the “sweeps” of HURF money. This fund is largely funded through gasoline taxes and mostly goes to local governments for transportation needs. The legislature has been “sweeping” this money for years, using it for other programs or to keep the budget in balance while […]

Young Wright to Run for Supervisor

There has been speculation that former Representative Nancy Young Wright may either run for legislature, or instead try for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Speculation is over: Board of Supervisors it is. Press release after the jump. She’ll be facing the winner of a Republican primary that features businessman Charlie Bowles, Young Wright’s former […]

And They Are Not Bringing Back Let’s Bowl Either

The folks at the Daily Show are apparently not going to air the story on the “Free Baja Arizona” effort. This means if Paul Eckerstrom hopes to appear on Comedy Central, he’s going to have to brush up his stand-up routine and hope they bring back Premium Blend, an inside straight to be sure. Yes, […]