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Category Archives: Pima County Politics

After 42 Years, Pima County Attorney Still Won’t Admit a Mistake

One would be hard pressed to meet an old-timer in Tucson who believes that Louis Taylor was guilty of setting the 1970 Pioneer Hotel Fire. One friend of mine who was raised in Barrio Viejo and knew Taylor growing up described him as a guy who would stick up for neighborhood kids who were getting […]

Signing Off

Well, I start my new job a week early…sorry for the lack of warning. I’ll be starting today, so this will be my last post for a while. But, parting shots are always necessary: The “Rosemont Referendum” never materialized, but we still see the ads telling us how pulverizing a mountain is good for the […]

That’s Certainly Odd

Hat tip to Poco Bravo. It will go down as the most head scratching news of this election cycle. You remember Brian Miller? He was Pima County Republican Chairman until he was ousted after he wanted to modernize their operations and, even worse, his veins didn’t pop out of his neck when talking about presidential […]


The funniest part of Gabrielle Saucedo Mercer’s response to the kerfuffle over her racist comments in an interview she did for a far right website is her assertion that the video was doctored by Raúl Grijalva’s campaign. It’s funny because the video that’s circulating is the one that was posted by the publication that interviewed […]

Checking out Gonzales’s Finance Reports

I realize that Rosemont hasn’t yet gone all out in our Board of Supervisor races, but I’m already thinking that maybe this “Rosemont Referendum” has fizzled. And it’s not just because Ray Carroll mopped up the floor with Sean Collins. Take Fernando Gonzales (apologies to Henny Youngman). Outside of Gonzales’s immediate family, I doubt there […]

Quote of the Evening

Unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination in Supervisor District 1 Mike Hellon, quoted in the Tucson Weekly: If the sun comes up tomorrow, everything is good. If I don’t win I’ll be able to work on my golf game, which has been lacking. The thing about the sun coming up is cribbed from Henry Fountain […]

Final Darts Thrown Before the Primary: Supervisor District 1

Admittedly, Nancy Young Wright’s chances of getting elected depend on whether the Republicans go full on Tea Party in their primary. And by full on Tea Party, I mean whether they nominate Ally Miller. I only know Mike Hellon and Vic Williams by reputation, but I’ve actually met Stuart McDaniel a couple of times. I […]

Final Darts Thrown Before the Primary: Collins v Carroll

I’m not always the biggest fan of Ray Carroll, but count me as one that will be glad to see him dispatch his opponent, Sean Collins, tomorrow. Collins’s campaign has been mostly centered around the Rosemont Mine. From talking to local Republicans, Collins hasn’t been very good in public appearances. “Dull and inarticulate” is how […]

Support Your Local…Nevermind

I’ve been asking around among my Republican friends who they read as the winner in their primary for Sheriff. Summary: “What? You mean which loser will go up against Dupnik? Who cares?”

James Burke Has Nothing to Worry About

A piece from Vic Williams that’s hit mailboxes: Given we aren’t in Boston or Chicago, I don’t know what local “corrupt government” is coming down on Chick-fil-A. Some local bozo harassing whatever minimum wage employee happens to be available is not the government, sorry Vic. By the way, what’s it got to do with Rosemont? […]