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More on George Weah

I was very suprised last week to find two responses to a post on Liberian National Team star George Weah. I posted a note about him more than a month ago since he is a hero of mine and is on track to being elected president of his country. The two people that posted are, […]

Repubicans Whining Again (Yeah, Nothing New)

I was looking over my previous posts to see if any of you are writing replies. None of you did. But I looked back at my post about George Weah. So, I’m thinking, this guy has had his house torched and members of his family attacked, but that still doesn’t disuade him from running for […]

Weah to Run for Liberian Presidency

One of the two greatest soccer players never to reach the World Cup (the other being Northern Ireland’s George Best), George Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah, has put his name in to run for the presidency of Liberia. This man has long been a hero of mine. Here in the US, our sports stars get testy […]