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Category Archives: Inauguration 2009

Inauguration Videos, Capitulo Uno

I’ve had inauguration videos up on YouTube for the last week or so, but I haven’t bothered to post links to them. After the jump will be the first batch of them.

Not the Last Post on the Inauguration

Many friends of mine that had purple tickets to the inauguration got rogered and were not let in due to, I heard, problems with the magnetometers. I didn’t realize that this had made the news. The incident has led to an official apology from the Inaugural Committee and Diane Feinstein’s office. It has also led […]

Leon Smith

I met a man named Leon Smith, who will be participating in the parade with the Grambling Univeristy marching band. I got his take on the inauguration:

Penultimate Notes

Some of y’all have asked if I will be “Live Blogging.” You are kidding, right? Like I will be able to sit at my laptop surrounded by teeming masses of cheering Obamania and type anything that approaches coherence? Okay, I relent. I will be on Twitter making, uh, tweets. You can check my “Twitter Feed” […]

Zoo, And I Don’t Mean the Woodley Park Stop

  Dang! Lines. Lines. Lines. Naw, that doesn’t really describe them. Crowds doesn’t either. I don’t want to say mob, not that bad. Let me give you a quick example. We had to pick up our tickets at Raúl Grijalva’s office over at the Longworth building. There were two block long lines, one for each […]

What Will YOU Be Doing Tomorrow?

I’ve never gotten the whininess of campus conservatives. They seem to be wounded in the most tragically metaphysical ways every time a professor or one of their fellow students expresses a liberal opinion. Funny thing is, millions upon millions of conservatives graduate from our nations universities without any psychological damage. Well, aside from conservatism. So, […]