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Order and Discipline

Sgt Maj Michael Barrett, Sergeant Major of the United States Marine Corps, quoted in the Wall Street Journal addressing the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with Marines in Korea: “You all joined for a reason: to serve,” he continued. “To protect our nation, right?” “Yes, sergeant major,” Marines replied. “How dare we, then, exclude […]

“All Are Welcome”

Believe it or not, this ad has started a kerfuffle not on the right, but on our side. The progressive Christian group Sojourners refused to run the ad on their website, not wanting to “take sides.” Sojourners hasn’t been shy about taking sides on the Republican budget plan, the war in Afghanistan and any number […]

Quote of the Day

Andrew Sullivan on Newt Gingrich: It seems to me that someone who has legally had three marriages should not be campaigning against some people being barred from having even one.

It’s About Behavior, Right?

The folks that run CPAC are saying that GOProud won’t be invited back next year. I’ve checked their site, and aside from a mention that they happen to be gay, no advocacy for gay and lesbian issues can be found. The only issue oriented press release I can find is one that supports a bill […]


Barack Obama has said that his views on gay marriage are “evolving,” and unfortunately some on our side have ridiculed this stance. But, he’s only reflecting something that many of us are doing on the issue. Joe Biden, who has taken the same stance as the President, has acknowledged that gay marriage is only a […]

Don’t Come to an Intellectual Fight With Barney Frank Unarmed

But wait, does this mean that Frank Antenori doesn’t get to shower with cheerleaders? What if Antenori is spooning with someone and…I shudder to think… By the way, he didn’t get to the trope about this being “left wing social engineering” that has no place in the military. Right wing social engineering in the form […]

DADT Repealed

Does this mean that Frank Antenori will finally be able to shower with cheerleaders?

DADT Repeal Passes House

This afternoon, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell passed the US House. Gabrielle Giffords didn’t issue a statement, but had a tweet about it yesterday: This is 1 issue I agree w/Dick Cheney on. Time to move on. RT @LeaderHoyer: Today @PatrickMurphyPA introduced a bill for #DADT repeal. After the jump is a longer […]

And It Just Gets Better

Well, it just keeps getting better. Chuck Coughlin has used his firm’s blog to post a twenty year old transcript from the AZScam affair to stoke rumors about Terry Goddard. He has no problems if Terry is gay, but he’s not saying Terry is gay…he just wants folks to know that someone could say that […]

Always Classy, Chuck Coughlin Goes There

Chuck Coughlin is taking time out from his busy schedule advocating for the private prison industry to spread unfounded innuendos about Terry Goddard’s personal life. This from the Arizona Guardian (subscription only, the bastards!): One of Gov. Jan Brewer’s top political advisors said Monday if the media is going to ask for the governor’s health […]