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Signing Off

Well, I start my new job a week early…sorry for the lack of warning. I’ll be starting today, so this will be my last post for a while. But, parting shots are always necessary: The “Rosemont Referendum” never materialized, but we still see the ads telling us how pulverizing a mountain is good for the […]

Grijalva on Public Lands

Raúl Grijalva speaks on his amendment to HR 4402 to protect recreational uses of public lands.

Quick Take

I saw my first Rosemont Copper ad yesterday (and my second and third as well…). The ad notes, and I’m not sure where this stat comes from, that the proposed mine will only use 20% of the water that a Pecan grove will. Gee…who are they trying to take a shot at?

No Biggie, Right?

So, we are supposed to believe the folks at Rosemont Copper will be responsible in running their proposed mine in the Santa Ritas and that they will remediate the place when they have taken the copper out. I’ve never been sure how we are supposed to judge these claims. Other than a few local hired […]

Credit Where Credit Is Due Department, Governor Division

I had heard from a lot of people that were hopeful that the governor would veto HB 2757, the bill that would have allowed “Electronic Message Centers” (an industry euphemism because “Obnoxious Bright Flashing Billboards” wouldn’t fly) along highways in the state. Maybe the governor would understand how many people are employed by astronomy in […]

When You’re Losing, Call ‘Em All Commies

Al Melvin is pushing his ideas on nuclear power again, particularly on his Twitter accout. He’s getting a bit of pushback for it. This is his latest tweet: #azright To show the political agenda of  environmentalists, slice a water melon open. It has a thin veneer of green but is Commie red inside Yep, everybody […]

Is Jason Rose Going Soft?

When he isn’t keeping us informed of the restaurant scene in the Valley of the Jakes, Jason Rose  uses his Twitter feed to treat us to political analysis. By “political analysis,” I mean overblown cheerleading for even the most minor league Republicans (Vernon Parker, anyone?) and casual dismissal of the importance of any politician that doesn’t genuflect […]

Facts Are Inconvienient Things

Remember when John McCain toured the Wallow Fire and then blamed illegal immigrants for the damage? Well, about that: Two Southern Arizona cousins have been charged in connection with the half-million acre Wallow Fire in May. Caleb and David Malboeu are accused of leaving a campfire unattended while hiking, causing the wildfire that burned for […]

Wheeler on Arizona Week Tonight

Bruce Wheeler called me this afternoon (why? because I’m that big of a deal) to tell me that he will be on Arizona Week tonight at 8:30. His interview with Michael Chihak will mostly cover issues surrounding the wildfires and the legislative study panel that met earlier this week. If you miss the interview, it […]

Grijalva Calls for Higher Fines Against Unsafe Oil and Gas Operators

Raúl Grijalva has continued his calls for higher fines against off-shore oil and gas operations that violate safety standards. Here he is quoted in Environment and Energy Daily (article only available by subscription): Struggling to balance safety priorities with profit demands is exactly what got us Deepwater Horizon. If we find more rigs with lax […]