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John Kavanagh Does Not Want People Like Himself To Go To College

State Representative John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills) is an ex-cop from a working class background who earned a PhD at a public university and teaches at a community college. This should be considered in light of his recent comments attacking financial aid for allowing “too many” Arizonans to attend our state’s universities. I am not going […]

Help! Those People Are Talking Mexican About Me!

The Tucson Sentinel reports that a former Pima Community College student is suing the school for allegedly having kicked her out when she complained about her classmates using Spanish when speaking about each other in the classroom. Pima officials, doubtless on the advice of attorneys, are circumspect regarding the specifics of the case. However, the […]

Well, Duh

In a move that should have surprised nobody, but will doubtless inspire more than a little well-practiced umbrage from the legislative leadership nonetheless, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously ruled this week that the Legislature’s diversion of funds from the State Land Trust to balance the budget was unconstitutional. This sort of thing has happened so […]

Cam Juárez Video

Cam Juárez’s new campaign video:

The Shape of Things to Cam

My friend Cam Juárez is running for TUSD Governing Board. I guess I could go into a rant about what’s wrong with TUSD these days (and you can find something more substantive about Cam’s platform at his website), but I just want to tell you two stories about Cam. Cam has a disability. He was […]

Color Me Unshocked

Earlier this week, the report that no state cut more money for schools than Arizona did got a lot of play. I guess I should have written about it, but, unfortunately, the news that the folks that run our state don’t give a rat’s ass about our state’s future doesn’t shock me enough to make […]

The Other Choice

I’ll start by saying I’ve always been a bit iffy on Olivia Cajero-Bedford. My opinions about her are still colored by a driven-by-bitterness attempt to break the caucus a few years back and subsequent support for a rather gawdawful budget, and her silly statement about incandescent light bulbs didn’t help either. Still, she’s been a […]

But, That’s Different…

I received a report from one of my top correspondents who attended yesterday’s meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. John Huppenthal made an appearance. No word on whether he tried to nail a campaign banner to the wall. Anyway, Huppenthal tried to sell attendees on a Mandarin immersion program. It’s early in the morning, you’ll have […]

Yeah, How’d That Work Out?

My chief frustration with Mark Stegeman in this whole ethnic studies mess is his assumption that Tom Horne and John Huppenthal have any incentive to act like reasonable people who can be bargained with. So, what we have now is this plan for a “multicultural cirriculum.” They’ve put a first rate guy in charge of […]

…and the Book of Judges Promotes Ethnic Hatred of Canaanites

La Cervecera signed Terri Proud’s “Bible study” bill today, which just goes to show that students in Arizona are allowed to study their culture as long as they are Protestants.