Mirror Gazing

The blog Arizona’s Politics did a good job of summing up the rebuttal to the ridiculous attack that Ron Barber is looking to destroy Medicare.

Well, as we’ve learned, actual facts will not get in the way of this hit. Give it a couple of weeks, they’ll be droning on about Barber personally running a death panel.

The funny part is that Jesse Kelly, along with every Republican running for anything, is a supporter of the Paul Ryan budget plan. The Ryan plan would shift more of the costs of health care to beneficiaries. That isn’t some claim of a lefty blogger, it’s what the Congressional Budget Office says:

Under the proposal, most elderly people would pay more for their health care than they would pay under the current Medicare system.

If Kelly and his supporters want to take down Medicare, fine, let them argue the merits. But falsely accusing your opponent of doing so when you support a policy that does that? Any names for that?

And Gabby Votes…

I got an e-mail from MoveOn today begging me to call Gabrielle Giffords’s office and tell her to vote “no” on the budget/debt ceiling bill. I thought, what a bunch of insensitive louts. Don’t they know she’s in no condition to vote?

As it turns out, she made it in today, and just a few minutes ago cast a “yes” vote to thunderous applause and a kiss from Raúl Grijalva.

Good deal.

We Read John Munger’s Tweets So You Don’t Have To

Local attorney and Republican pooh-bah John Munger, still unhinged:

Now Obama Administration is preventing Christian prayers at funerals of soldiers killed in action. Just WRONG. #adultwellness@samsclub

Not even close. This charge, which Munger got from repeated airings on Fox News, refers to allegations about a single National Cemetery in Houston. The allegations are being strenuously denied by officials at that cemetery. In other words, this is not administration policy sprung from the head of Barack Obama, and even the specific incident may not have happened the way that folks are saying.

But hey, who needs truth anyway? Just make sure you clean the spittle off the screen when you are done typing.

Here’s another one:

What % of Obama supporters pay Federal Income taxes? #adultwellness@samsclub

Here we go again. Of course, people under a certain income level don’t pay federal income taxes, but they do pay local sales taxes and property taxes. He leaves out that part. It isn’t conveinient.

If you believe Sharia law should apply in the US, then you should reconsider whether this country is for you. #adultwellness@samsclub

Okay, Munger is an attorney. Could he please let all of us know when Sharia law has been cited in a court case, and I mean sucessfully cited in a court case? Is there a pro-Sharia movement afoot in this country that I don’t know about? Please, let us know.

The Joy of John Munger’s Twitter Feed

Our boy John Munger was in rare form yesterday, posting several tweets harshly criticizing Barack Obama. Here’s a couple:

Obama has not offered ANY clear spending cuts. All general BS. This guy is LA-A-ZY. adultwellness@samsclub.

Have you yet acquired your Obama BS Decoder Ring? Get yours now! adultwellness@samsclub.

I would point out that the guy blasting Obama for BS is 0-for-2 in politically motivated BS cases in court over the last few weeks, but that wouldn’t share in the “new civility” reflected in Munger’s tweets.

Here’s the best one:

I will CONSIDER paying more taxes when the 47% of Americans who pay NO Fed Inc taxes start paying SOMETHING.

Gosh darn those middle and working class people with their clever ways of getting paid too little to owe federal taxes. Bunch of darned cheaters, that’s what they are.

One Man’s Gimmick

I read Al Melvin’s op-ed in the Star this morning. He starts his screed by complaining about the supposed left wing agenda of our morning daily, an accusation which amuses most actual liberals you’ll meet. Somehow, he forgot to use the term “Red Star.”

Here is the money quote from his piece:

The facts are that Arizona has, for the first time in a long time, passed a budget that is honest, gimmick-free, and balanced.

Yeah, free of gimmicks except for that part about sweeping funds from voter approved initiatives, moving $322 million in debt to next year and shifting the responsibility for $130 million in programs to local governments.

They are also counting on the courts going along with cutting 280,000 from AHCCCS in violation of the state constitution.

That’s to say nothing of the rosy predictions of massive economic growth from their corporate tax cuts, which not even Arthur Laffer would predict without the use of hallucinigens.

But hey, no gimmicks at all. They must have run out of state capitols to sell.

Preach, Brother

Here’s a reply from Raúl Grijalva to Kirk Adams. Adams sent a snippy letter to Grijalva after Grijalva asked for a public comment period before the federal government allows Arizona to cut people from Medicaid. Money quote:

He accuses me of grandstanding. If sticking up for your constituents when their lives are at stake is a publicity stunt, then I don’t know what Mr. Adams will do the next time his constituents need help. Sit silently and applaud while their health care is taken away for the sake of a corporate bailout? Congratulate Gov. Brewer on a good day’s work?

His full reply can be found at Daily Kos.

By the way, Adams’s letter makes reference to this move being done to balance the budget. The house under his leadership has yet to balance a budget and passed a corporate tax cut that blew a hole in state revenue to the tune of $538 million.

Grijalva Comes Out Against Middle Class Tax Hike

This from Raúl Grijalva and Keith Ellison:

Reps. Raúl M. Grijalva and Keith Ellison, co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), released the following statement today on the Republican-proposed middle class tax increase:

“After only 54 days in the majority, Republicans have broken their promise to the American people and voted to raise taxes on middle class families. After extending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires who created the economic crisis, Republican House Leadership today brought a bill to the floor that raises taxes on middle class families by nearly $5,000.

In short, instead of creating jobs, Republicans have launched another attack on working families.

This tax increase is part of H.R.4, a measure to repeal IRS reporting requirements mandated by last year’s health care reform law. House Democrats support repealing the ‘1099’ requirement, which places an undue burden on small businesses by requiring them to report any annual payments of more than $600. Republicans plan to pay for this by slapping a $25 billion dollar tax increase on the middle class.

Under their scheme, if a family of four earning $88,000 a year gets a Christmas bonus of $250, they would be required to refund their entire health insurance tax credit of $4,640 to the government. Just last year, Republicans opposed Democrats’ proposal to pay for ‘1099’ repeal by closing tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas. The American people should not have to choose between small businesses and middle class families. We support a plan to stop the handouts for big business that also strengthens the middle class.”