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Category Archives: Border & Immigration Policy

Me Reacting to Romney’s Reaction

Barack Obama’s change in immigration enforcement is entirely political. I know this because a series of Republican politicians put out well crafted press releases yesterday carefully worded to appeal their base in the next primary said so. Mitt Romney’s first reaction was not to say anything about the substance of the issue, but to argue […]

Possibly the Funniest Political News of the Week

You may have read a little bit about this; it even made Wonkette. Russell Pearce had a fundraiser scheduled yesterday, and he had to cancel it when no one wanted to host it. The fundraiser was organized by lobbyist Gretchen Jacobs (yes, there are lobbyists who still like Pearce), an ally of pro-bullying activist Cathy […]

A Bit of Good News

Janet Napolitano announced this morning that DHS will no longer deport “low priority” illegal immigrants. These would be folks who migrated before their sixteenth birthday, have committed no major crimes and are under the age of 30. It goes without saying that this will cause the usual veins-in-the-neck popping snit from certain folks who have […]

Supremes, but no Florence Ballard

At the congressional hearings on SB 1070 yesterday, Russell Pearce once again responded to worries about racial profiling with the tired cannard of “illegal is not a race.” Yeah, that’s fun to say isn’t it? It’s a lot easier than addressing the issue. So, has any supporter of 1070 actually bothered to explain how it […]

And by “Reasoned” He Means…

Just so y’all know, Russell Pearce was not our only former legislative leader at the capitol for the hearings on SB 1070. Kirk Adams was up there taking time out from fundraising for his congressional race to tweet the hearings. Here’s a sample: Lesson so far? Impossible to have reasoned discussion here about how to […]

Amicus Curiæ

Raúl Grijalva and other members of the US House Progressive Caucus announce their amicus brief in the SB 1070 case before the Supreme Court.

Because It Is Never, Ever About Race, Part 2

You’ve probably seen this video, but check it out again: The player being taunted there is Ángel Rodríguez. Rodríguez was raised in Florida and born in Puerto Rico. Yep, he’s a citizen and even his ancestors have never had green cards. There has been a great deal of ink spilt (it’s the 21st Century, so […]

Because John Joel Glanton Was Unavailable

One of the most disturbing things of the current era of our state’s politics has been just how much racist claptrap has become welcome in polite conversation. Yes, there are plenty of people who support tougher immigration policy that aren’t racist. My question is, why do the non-racists continue to put up with the slopeheads […]

Robert Meza: WTF?

Despite the removal of Russell Pearce, there are still plenty of ridiculous anti-immigration and “border security” bills at the legislature. With the diminished Democratic minority, it would be nice if we could count them to oppose those bills. For example this week saw a vote on SB 1083, a bill pushed by Sylvia Allen (R […]

Facts Are Inconvienient Things

Remember when John McCain toured the Wallow Fire and then blamed illegal immigrants for the damage? Well, about that: Two Southern Arizona cousins have been charged in connection with the half-million acre Wallow Fire in May. Caleb and David Malboeu are accused of leaving a campfire unattended while hiking, causing the wildfire that burned for […]