An Arizona Politico Makes Us Proud Again

Arizona based consultant Nate Sproul has gotten caught committing voter registration fraud again. I mean allegedly, of course.

The Republican National Committee has sacked his firm, but this sort of thing seems to be Sproul’s raison d’être. At some point people have to stop giving organizations that hire Sproul the benefit of the doubt. He gets hired precisely because of shenanigans like this.

Take That, Dolan

This is the first election in a while where I’ve seen a big chunk of my Church’s hierarchy throw in so blatantly for one candidate. So, how has the “never mind that social gospel, there’s a gay guy out to ruin your marriage and hand out birth control” thing worked out for the partisan bishops?

Here ya go:

Obama leads opponent Mitt Romney among Catholic voters by 54% to 39%, according to the survey, conducted from September 12 to 16 by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

Of course a big chunk of Barack Obama’s lead is among Hispanics and blacks (5% of African Americans are Catholics), but Pew’s poll shows Obama and Mitt Romney in a tie among white Catholics.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Here’s Mitt Romney at the Cinton Global Initiative yesterday:

I can actually imagine that guy as a decent president. Not one that I’d vote for necessarily, but one that takes complicated issues seriously. I’m not sure where that guy has been hiding.

One thing though: foreign aid can spur private investment. Hmm. So, if our government spends money, it can stimulate growth in the private sector? Eerie.

About That…

I guess it’s time for me to weigh in fully on this one.

I get the conservative argument on the welfare state: dependency is bad for the poor long term, and conservatives hope to free up capital so that businesses will expand and people will be hired, and there won’t be so many poor people. I don’t buy that one, but I see where they are coming from.

The trouble is what Mitt Romney actually said:

[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

Fun fact: 61% of the 47% he is talking about actually pay payroll taxes, meaning they work, although, obviously not for a high enough salary for them to be responsible citizens in Romney’s view.

And this gets to where I often have trouble buying that people who espouse conservative economics give a darn about what happens to the non-rich: because it is so often wedded to Ayn Rand inspired spite like this. It’s hard to buy that you have sympathy for the troubles of the middle class and everyone under them if your next breath you say they are a bunch of bums who are getting what they deserve.

(Aside: anyone notice how many Republican politicos here in the Old Pueblo that spout this “maker and taker” rhetoric seem to be employed by our city’s largest federal contractor?)

So, S. E. Cupp had an interesting take on this yesterday. Her argument was that Barack Obama himself created this rhetoric by claiming that working people were the victims of Wall Street greed and of the economy. Obama was the one calling them victims and Romney just followed suit, she asserts. I suppose this gets back to the view from conservative commentators that class warfare is only a bad thing if it is waged from below, but I find it funny because it seems like no one is as good at playing the victim card these days as the right.

It’s even built into some of the rhetoric on the 47%. Years ago, the Wall Street Journal ran an article calling those that don’t make enough money to pay income taxes “Lucky Duckies,” as if the struggles of trying to figure out how to pay your bills from month to month make you “lucky.” It was a rather odious argument, but one that has blossomed into full flower as of late.

So, these people who don’t pay federal income taxes (leave aside the numerous taxes they do pay) are moochers, looters, parasites, right? They are mooching, looting and feeding off of whom? Oh, so who is pretending to be a victim now?

You find this victimhood all over the place. Give it a couple of months, the next time a greeter at Walmart says “Happy Holidays,” and Bill O’Reilly will be on about how some secular oligarchy is persecuting the good people of America.

Romney played a bit of the victim himself when he joked that he’d be doing better in the race if he were of Mexican decent. That’s right, because Bill Richardson and Ben Fernandez made such a splash in their campaigns. Mexican Americans get all the breaks. Ask my Mom about growing up in Barrio Millville sometime, Mitt.

Pobrecito el Mitt. He’s a victim of circumstance. It’s hard to be a rich white guy these days.

Trying Some Stuff Out

I’m watching the current Presidential race and I’m realizing that you don’t need complex answers to complex issues. This makes me qualified to run in four years.

I’ve been working on my answers to foreign policy questions. Tell me what y’all think.

Mobs have attacked our embassies and consulates in the Arab world. How would you handle this crisis?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

There is a strong possibility that Greece will leave the Euro Zone. Such a solution could have big implications for American business, especially if the troubles in Spain and Italy are handled in a similar way. What advice would you give to Europe and how would you protect American economic interests?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

China is being increasingly aggressive with its neighbors, many of whom are US allies and we have troops based in the region. How do we avoid having these tensions escalate to a crisis?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

The civil war in Syria has resulted in the massacre of tens of thousands of people. How do we protect the Syrian people given how weary the American public is about military intervention?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

Hmm…this is easy. Get your Tedski 2016 buttons now!

End the Horror

I heard a bit from a Mitt Romney speech yesterday, and he tackled the critical issue of secret plan to take “In God We Trust” off of our money. This issue is crucial to both our economy and the future of Christianity, since anyone that has read the Gospels knows that Jesus was way into coinage.

If they would just put the word “God” on the Amero, things would be okay.

The trouble for our local Republicans is that since our money is still a federal issue, they are largely left out of this one. But not to worry: they can tackle our atheistic-islamofascist-basoonist state seal.

Look at it: no mention of God. Even worse, it’s got words in some foreign language, likely Muslim. They need to remove those terrorism inspired words and put in the language that Jesus and Moses spoke, American English.

By the way, the worker on the seal has a big hat. Like he’s keeping the sun off of his face. Like he needs to because he’s been walking in the desert. We all know what that means. Could we replace him with someone that looks more American?

The costs of revising this piece of Godless socialism may be high, but well worth it. I say the legislature should allocate some more money to the only agency worth spending money on: the Arizona Commerce Authority. How much more do you need guys, two, three million? We can lay off a few teachers and cut some people off of AHCCCS to pay for this. It’s that important.