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Category Archives: 2012 Republican Race

An Arizona Politico Makes Us Proud Again

Arizona based consultant Nate Sproul has gotten caught committing voter registration fraud again. I mean allegedly, of course. The Republican National Committee has sacked his firm, but this sort of thing seems to be Sproul’s raison d’être. At some point people have to stop giving organizations that hire Sproul the benefit of the doubt. He […]

Take That, Dolan

This is the first election in a while where I’ve seen a big chunk of my Church’s hierarchy throw in so blatantly for one candidate. So, how has the “never mind that social gospel, there’s a gay guy out to ruin your marriage and hand out birth control” thing worked out for the partisan bishops? […]

Quick Take

I can see the problem with these polls. Obviously, they are talking to too many people who will be voting for Barack Obama. They need to take some more time and look for more Mitt Romney voters. They are out there.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Here’s Mitt Romney at the Cinton Global Initiative yesterday: I can actually imagine that guy as a decent president. Not one that I’d vote for necessarily, but one that takes complicated issues seriously. I’m not sure where that guy has been hiding. One thing though: foreign aid can spur private investment. Hmm. So, if our […]

About That…

I guess it’s time for me to weigh in fully on this one. I get the conservative argument on the welfare state: dependency is bad for the poor long term, and conservatives hope to free up capital so that businesses will expand and people will be hired, and there won’t be so many poor people. […]

Mitt Thinks You Suck

In case you are curious, Frank Antenori is apparently writing for Mitt Romney now: Mother Jones acquired the video and has the whole story.

Trying Some Stuff Out

I’m watching the current Presidential race and I’m realizing that you don’t need complex answers to complex issues. This makes me qualified to run in four years. I’ve been working on my answers to foreign policy questions. Tell me what y’all think. Mobs have attacked our embassies and consulates in the Arab world. How would […]

End the Horror

I heard a bit from a Mitt Romney speech yesterday, and he tackled the critical issue of secret plan to take “In God We Trust” off of our money. This issue is crucial to both our economy and the future of Christianity, since anyone that has read the Gospels knows that Jesus was way into […]

Quick Take

I was going to give Paul Ryan grief for fibbing on his marathon time, but I got distracted when I was admiring the numerous Cy Young Awards and Hunt Cups on my mantle.

A Blast from the Past…Well, a Few Months Ago…

After the jump, a letter from members of the faculty of Georgetown University to Paul Ryan on the eve of a visit there back in April: