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Category Archives: 2012 Democratic Race

Signing Off

Well, I start my new job a week early…sorry for the lack of warning. I’ll be starting today, so this will be my last post for a while. But, parting shots are always necessary: The “Rosemont Referendum” never materialized, but we still see the ads telling us how pulverizing a mountain is good for the […]

Take That, Dolan

This is the first election in a while where I’ve seen a big chunk of my Church’s hierarchy throw in so blatantly for one candidate. So, how has the “never mind that social gospel, there’s a gay guy out to ruin your marriage and hand out birth control” thing worked out for the partisan bishops? […]

Quick Take

I can see the problem with these polls. Obviously, they are talking to too many people who will be voting for Barack Obama. They need to take some more time and look for more Mitt Romney voters. They are out there.

“I Pledge Allegiance…”

Disjointed Notes on the Convention

A few thoughts inspired by last night. – Quick historical note for the news media: Yes, Bill Clinton spoke for a bladder straining 51 minutes last night. Careful, however, when comparing it to his over-long speech in 1988. I’ve heard that 31 minute speech referred to as a “keynote” in several news reports. The 1988 […]


I’ve been told to expect a surprise when Arizona reads its vote, and that it may involve clan Goldwater. I know a lot of you will miss it because of the big game, Revs vs Columbus.

Nie Wierzcie Elektrykom

I’ve been getting grief from my liberal friends about Lech Wałęsa’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. Some of this is over what he regards as a personal slight from Barack Obama; some of it is because of Wałęsa’s stongly held social conservatism. Solidarność, the labor movement he once headed, doesn’t share Wałęsa’s enthusiasm for Romney. They […]

Because It Is Never, Ever About Race, Part 1

Because Political Reporters are a Bored, Easily Distracted Lot…

Late last night, political websites and twit-feeds were breathlessly aglow with the results of the vote in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. We now share with you this important information: Republican Primary Mitt Romney – 2 Jon Huntsman – 2 Newt Gingrich – 1 Ron Paul – 1 Democratic Primary Barack Obama – 3 There is […]

McCain: Obama Can Win Arizona

John McCain assessing Barack Obama’s chances in Arizona in an appearance this weekend on CNN’s State of the Union: I think it can be up for grabs. I think that’s true of New Mexico, Colorado, Texas even, although maybe not this time. But the demographics are clear. The demographics are clear that the Hispanic vote […]