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Category Archives: 2010 US Senate Race

John McCain…In Tucson Even!

John McCain is actually coming to Tucson today. And no, I don’t mean Marana or some country club in the Foothills, he’ll be at the U of A basketball game. No word on who he will cheer for. He’ll be bringing Scott Brown with him. I guess McCain is supposed to bask in Brown’s reflective […]

Senate Follies

Okay, let me get this right: John McCain not only voted for TARP but suspended his campaign to show how important he thought it was, but now claims that he had no earthly idea what was in it. J. D. Hayworth now says his statements claiming that Barack Obama was born in Kenya were just […]

Really, John?

To summarize John McCain’s comments before the Arizona Republic editorial board: I really had no idea what I was doing. So, let me get this straight: a year and a half ago, he was so supportive of this bailout that he tried to “suspend” his campaign (cancelled an appearance on Letterman even!), challenged Barack Obama […]

Herlihy Campaigning Service

I got an e-mail from John McCain asking for me to sign on to his supporter list. Not an unusual request, even if it arrives in my e-mail box from a Republican. What is unusual is the title: “I need to know you stand with me.” I dunno. Sounds a bit desperate, like he thinks […]

John MacCain

Legend has it that local music icon and unofficial Mayor of Downtown Tucson Al Perry used to purposely mispell Tucson on press materials when he would put out new music. He figured, well, they’ll misspell it anyway. It appears that John McCain has a bit of that spelling problem the good Mr. Perry alluded to. […]

Oh, Sounds Like a Fantastic Idea

David Stevens has an idea: that pesky 17th Amendment to the constitution is a big problem, so let’s ditch it. He has a bill to have major party Senate nominees chosen by their respective legislative caucuses, rather than at a party primary. He labels this as a way to go back to the “good old […]

Whackjobs of a Feather

Joe Arpaio sent out a fundraising letter for J. D. Hayworth, bashing John McCain as a “moderate or even liberal.” Arpaio’s attacks on McCain come as a surprise to folks from outside of the state, but as E. J. Montini points out, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to people who actually follow […]

But if 41 Is a Majority…

John McCain has slipped to 40% in a new Rocky Mountain Poll. Ouch. I guess we know why this man isn’t smiling. So, how long before the low approval rating of a Republican icon like McCain in a nominally Republican state is spun to be an indication of the coming Republican resurgence?

John McCain Attacks…Tom Delay?

I just got the latest fundraising appeal from a certain John Sidney McCain. In it, he goes after J. D. Hayworth as a…big spending liberal? I’m confident the majority of voters will agree that this is not the time to send a defeated Congressman back to Washington. During his time in office as one of […]

The Last on the Block

I missed out on writing about J. D. Hayworth entering the Senate race. I know his numbers are dropping, but I wonder if that will change now that he is an active candidate. I also wonder what a decent sized group of energized Hayworth voters do to the Republican primaries, especially in CD 3, even […]