It’s GOTV weekend, so things get stupid

2014-10-31 17.05.12The stupidity has reached such a crescendo that I am violating my self-imposed blogging moratorium, or “quarantine,” as Chris Christie might call it.

I got a last minute hit piece on Ron Barber yesterday decrying his vote for the Ryan Budget.

Ah, where to begin on this.

First off, Ron Barber didn’t vote for the Paul Ryan budget. What he voted for was a budget deal negotiated by Patty Murray and Paul Ryan referred to as some as a “mini-budget deal.” It was not the Paul Ryan budget touted in his “Path to Prosperity” plan which is referenced every time a Republican candidate wants to feign seriousness about the budget. Most of the elements of Ryan’s budget were not in the deal, which led to a lot of grousing from conservatives at the time.

Even the people that sent out the mailer acknowledge that they don’t mean the actual Paul Ryan budget, but only in the fine print.

2014-10-31 17.05.33

Since it was not the Ryan Budget, many of the cuts decried in the piece (Medicare, Food Stamps) were not actually cut in the plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a fan of this deal when it was made (although, predictably, my troubles are from the left). I also know it is far better than the Ryan Budget. As a matter of fact, the criticisms in the piece are spot on about the Ryan Budget. Say, what kind of “scary” candidate supports the Ryan Budget?

Oh yeah, Martha McSally.

Maybe this group that wanted to call out candidates for supporting the Ryan Budget will come on out and run a piece decrying her for being so scary. Say, who sent out this piece anyhow?

2014-10-31 17.37.23

I would welcome their opposition to Paul Ryan, but something tells me they aren’t very sincere about it.

POST SCRIPTS: I’ve got a couple of extra observations to throw in here.

  • Have you noticed how Republican candidates are quick to align themselves with the Ryan Budget, but cry foul when they get called out for supporting the details of the plan? It’s like they haven’t read the thing.
  • The mailer apparently went to Democratic voters. Independent voters are on a different mail program. This is a last ditch effort to peel liberal voters away from Barber. Given how poorly Matt Heinz did as the lefty challenger to Barber last time, I think more liberal voters have already resigned themselves to Barber’s pragmatism.
  • Oh, by the way: Ron Barber is a Trotskyite overspending Obama coddler and he supports this horrible, granny murdering, poor bashing budget? Could you guys pick a knock against the guy and stick with it?
  • I received this along with two mailers from my local Republican legislative candidate after I’ve already voted. Keep spending that money, boys.

2 thoughts on “It’s GOTV weekend, so things get stupid

  1. When we got that yesterday my comment was
    “that is the most in-your-face, balls-out, rock-out-with-your-c*ck-out lying liars who lie to you, and tell you the sky is orange complete political lie I have ever seen.”.

    They’re desperate, also, and they have more money than sense, because this was almost certainly the work of some frat-rat ex-College Republican who thinks this was “just the thing to get the libtards to vote for McSally. Heh Heh.”

  2. The junk campaign mail doesn’t annoy me as much as the robocalls. I nearly changed my answering machine message to the following:

    “Hello. You have reached [redacted]. If you are representing a campaign — ANY campaign — or doing work as one of its minions, please hang up now, otherwise I will vote for the Libertarian candidate just to spite you. Otherwise, please leave your name and number after the beep, and don’t even think about leaving me the name of your candidate, or I shall give your number to Annoyers Anonymous, that exciting new service that telephonically Rick-rolls pests at randomly determined intervals. Have a nice day!”

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