Attention Pundits: This is What Real Bi-Partisanship Looks Like

From House Minority Leader Chad Campbell’s Facebook feed:

“Describing mine and Gov. Brewer’s relationship these past couple of years as “frosty” is definitely one way to put it… That being said, I give her credit for taking on Medicaid expansion and some school safety issues in her State of the State speech today. I sincerely hope we can put aside our differences and work together on these key issues, as well as others.”

And this, from Tucson’s own Democratic State Senator Steve Farley’s Facebook feed:

“Governor Brewer just told us she will fight to expand AHCCCS coverage to everyone below 133% of the poverty line. I haven’t been this happy with a State of the State since Gov. Napolitano! She has quite a battle against her own party now….”

Here is a statement from Bill Roe, the Arizona Democratic Party Chairman:

“I am glad that Governor Jan Brewer agrees with Democrats and is calling for full expansion of the Medicaid program under President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. Expansion will give Arizona’s economy a much-needed boost by creating jobs. It is the right thing to do since it will provide Arizonans with adequate health care. We hope the Governor’s leadership is enough to convince members of her own party to put the needs of Arizona ahead of petty political brinkmanship.”

The opposition party in Washington D.C. could learn a lot from these people.

5 thoughts on “Attention Pundits: This is What Real Bi-Partisanship Looks Like

  1. And yet Ruben Gallego refused to drink a beer with Sheriff Joe. Guess someone had to draw the line.

  2. Rep. Gallego has a slightly different take on what happened than the Sheriff does. This being said, congratulations, you have drawn the first false equivalence of the year. You get a prize.

  3. I wouldn’t have a beer with Joe either. Not because of the politics. I just don’t like Schlitz Dark.

  4. Another Mo Udall Joke. He once tasted some Billy Beer, and found it so odd he sent it out for testing. When he got back the results, they said: “Dear sir: We regret to inform you that your horse has diabetes.”

    If I bought Sheriff Joe a beer, it would be a Billy Beer.

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