The Debate Over Debates

There are certain sillinesses that go on every election that remind us that, yes, it is time to exercise our franchise soon. For example, I got an e-mail from Ally Miller’s campaign alleging that Nancy Young Wright was messing with her signs.


One of the other biannual rituals is a candidate complaining that the other candidate will not debate them. The craziest is when a candidate agrees to several debates, but one particular debate invite being refused is a sign of a disrespect for the voters, hatred of our democratic process and a general lack of cojones.

Of course, once in a while you gotta ask if someone is ducking. Which brings us to the debate imbroglio between Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona.

Flake has agreed to a sum total of one debate
. Solitary. Singleton. Nada mas uno. What strikes me more than the number (once again, one) or refusal to have one outside of the greater Phoenix area is the length.

Half an hour.

That’s right, because the issues facing our nation can be handled in half an hour. By comparison, Jonathan Paton and Ann Kirkpatrick will be having three debates, the shortest of which will be an hour and a half. Heck, your typical Clean Elections forum featuring a couple of State Senate candidates will be longer.

So, what gives, Jeff?

2 thoughts on “The Debate Over Debates

  1. C’mon, Jeff! No cajones? It doesn’t matter in a way, just the voters seeing you up on stage next to him. This is what a real man with a war record, a schooling success on the GI Bill, to be come a doctor. then surgeon general under Bush the 2. Inbetween he was a member of swat in Pima county, killed a hostage taker of a young child, when it seemed he was going to injure or kill the victim. Now, the Flake team is running scred. A real man, with a real resume, who has done more for Arizona, than Flake has done for Arizona in 11 years in Congress. Another chickenhawk mormon, who never served his country, but has voted recently to cut benefits, etc. From the vets. Read it on Google search. Carmona will be a amazing race in the end. No nasty ads from this servant of the peopke, who has been serving his country for 50 years now. what you done lately mr. ” mission” man?

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