That’s Certainly Odd

Hat tip to Poco Bravo.

It will go down as the most head scratching news of this election cycle.

You remember Brian Miller? He was Pima County Republican Chairman until he was ousted after he wanted to modernize their operations and, even worse, his veins didn’t pop out of his neck when talking about presidential birth certificates.

Well, his latest move won’t bring him back into the good graces of local Republicans:

Brian Miller, immediate past chairman of the Pima County Republican Party, has endorsed Green Party Dave Croteau as his choice for Pima County’s next sheriff. Mr. Miller, who is employed at Davis-Monthan as an A-10 instructor pilot with the Air Force Reserves, will serve as a spokesman for the Croteau campaign.

“Dave’s platform of ending the failed war on drugs and redirecting resources to help homeowners remain in their foreclosed properties is the bold vision we need in these critical times. The two major party candidates will uphold a failing status quo, and we can no longer afford to follow that path.”

Croteau, who has lived in Tucson his whole life, knows the community and the challenges we face. “People I’ve talked to say the current law enforcement standards leave them feeling less safe instead of more secure, especially following the Pima County Sheriff-led SWAT team raid to serve a search warrant on US Marine Jose Guerena last year, that left him riddled with bullets and dying an innocent man in the presence of his wife and child. We need new leadership,” says Croteau.

Mr. Croteau began his political career in 1999 as a Green Party write-in candidate for Tucson’s mayor, running on a pro-marijuana platform. The following year, he garnered 16% of the vote for Pima County sheriff, again running on a cannabis-friendly platform. Dave observes, “The ongoing War on Drugs has failed, and it is time to stop fighting it. Profits from the hemp plant and this war on it are killing people and violating our values. We are criminalizing young men and women for smoking an herb while people are being thrown out of their homes and into the streets by banks executives that are unwilling to work with the homeowners to reduce the principal owed on their underwater homes. The job of the Sheriff is to preserve the peace. That mission is misdirected when for-profit prisons are allowed to set our law-enforcement agenda.”

Croteau is a local craftsman who restores historic homes. He belongs to numerous community groups including Oath Keepers, Veterans for Peace, Trinity Presbyterian Church Elders, and TUSD site council at Roskruge School. He was a Board member of the West University Neighborhood Association for 14 years. He was a founding member of the City of Tucson Citizen Police Advisory and Review Board, working directly with Tucson Police Chiefs Richard Miranda and Roberto Villaseñor on Community-based policing. “I’ve long been interested in how to best serve Tucson and make this a better community,” he said. “In the current highly-polarized political climate, a third-party candidate like me can offer bold new solutions that neither Democrats nor Republicans will advance, for fear of alienating the big money interests controlling their political agendas right now.”

3 thoughts on “That’s Certainly Odd

  1. I would use the term unique and courageous instead of “Odd” but at least the content of the article is accurate. I’ll take pro-freedom over pro-(political party) any day of the week.

  2. I’ll go with odd.

    To boot, Croteau protests the military recruiting center every Wednesday and Miller’s career is with the Air Force. Maybe this odd fellow will actually vote for Obama for President unless he goes with the Green there too.

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