What, No Payday Loan Places Available?

In the years after his failed campaign against John McCain, Richard Kimball (who looked nothing like David Janssen) would often wax about how shallow campaigns had become. His complaint always got back to the one ad that he ran where he was on a ranch somewhere feeding a carrot to a horse.

“What did feeding carrots to horses have to do with the Senate?” he’d say. If memory serves, he was not a horse guy.

With that…here is a post from Jonathan Paton’s Deputy Campaign Manager Robert Meyer:


Given the Southern Arizona portion of District 1 seems to consist chiefly of Oro Valley and Saddlebrooke, good luck finding a “rugged” work place.

(And by the way, I’m enjoying seeing the campaign of a former employee of SAHBA hunting for an unobstructed view of the mountains.)

The silly part is, Paton isn’t the guy that hangs out in machine shops. Everyone knows that. Why pretend?

8 thoughts on “What, No Payday Loan Places Available?

  1. hey, cut the guy some slack!
    You can’t expect a candidate to know people and businesses in a district he doesn’t actually live in.

  2. Will we get to see the flannel shirt in the TV ad? Everyone knows flannel makes a lobbyist look “rugged.”

  3. Next thing you know, we will find Jonathan filming an ad on a Native American Reservation. My guess is he will film it at the New Pascua…..So much for Gila River

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