Trying Some Stuff Out

I’m watching the current Presidential race and I’m realizing that you don’t need complex answers to complex issues. This makes me qualified to run in four years.

I’ve been working on my answers to foreign policy questions. Tell me what y’all think.

Mobs have attacked our embassies and consulates in the Arab world. How would you handle this crisis?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

There is a strong possibility that Greece will leave the Euro Zone. Such a solution could have big implications for American business, especially if the troubles in Spain and Italy are handled in a similar way. What advice would you give to Europe and how would you protect American economic interests?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

China is being increasingly aggressive with its neighbors, many of whom are US allies and we have troops based in the region. How do we avoid having these tensions escalate to a crisis?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

The civil war in Syria has resulted in the massacre of tens of thousands of people. How do we protect the Syrian people given how weary the American public is about military intervention?

I will never apologize for American greatness.

Hmm…this is easy. Get your Tedski 2016 buttons now!

15 thoughts on “Trying Some Stuff Out

  1. Tom:

    In 1976 Mo Udall turned to Stu Udall and said:

    “Stu. Every President has his crazy brother. If I’m elected I expect you to do your part.”

  2. Remember Billy Beer? Given the regional flavor of a Prezelski Administration, we would need to see Tommy Tequila. Eat the worm, America!

  3. FINALLY …….. a few words of intelligence from an otherwise brain dead lib dem

    Maybe the message we have been so interested in promoting as a path in the future has rubbed off one you.

  4. President Prezelski sounds easy on the ear. Get cracking Ted.

    Unfortunately since 5 USC § 3110 is still in effect, Tom is unable to be appointed to anything. However I am sure it would be mere coincidence that he was hired by the USGS for Regional Executive, Southwest Area. And then rapidly promoted to Associate Director, Energy and Minerals, and Environmental Health.

  5. Bruce,

    It amazes me to see you acuse others of lower brain function. If it weren’t for the fact that you can spell and punctuate (albeit at the level of a fourth grader), I would have continued assuming that you had once been hatched rather than born.

    The consistency with which you make an ass out of yourself online and otherwise is laudable, but the trend of your rantings follows a record of almost inconceivable stupidity.

    I wonder, Mr. Ash: why haven’t you started blogging? Clearly you have the technical savvy, as you manage to turn on your computer long enough to drool on the keyboard – the act which I assume leads to the very brilliance we read from you here.

    You are prostrated by the ignorance of a hill person, and I don’t hold that against you. I am saddened though, that computers are now intuitive enough to be accessible by a pea brained troglodyte like yourself.

    Only you would celebrate the ignorance that Ted mocks here. The stench of your intellectual process could knock a buzzard off a pile of fecal debris.

  6. Atta way guys and gals…….always head for the high road!!

    I was actually trying to give Tedski credit where credit was due.

    Considering my poor eye sight a stumpy fingers it’s a wonder I don’t make more errors ( in spelling and punctuation ).

    You would never be able to prove it but I actually studied in honors English classes in HS and UofA. However , that was when we still scratched on walls of caves.

    Your favorite conservative …….

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